3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at a Job Interview

Job Interview

First impressions are everything when it comes to job interviews. The way you speak, shake hands, dress, and answer questions could make the difference between getting hired or passed by for someone else.

If you are preparing for an upcoming job interview, you probably have so many things running through your mind. It really can be a stressful experience, but it is important to remember that making your first impression as successful as possible is the best way to prepare. You can learn about the best practices to carry out if you have newly joined an office, on this website:

Here are three things you should do before you arrive to improve your first impression with your potential boss, recruitment managers, or assistants.

Prepare for Background Checks

It is always best to assume that employers are going to be interested in your past and may even request for a drug test while you are on site. If you have a squeaky-clean record, then this may not apply to you, but you should still be prepared to answer any questions about your past in a truthful and honest way.

It is no question that the use of CBD has gone way up in past years, so try not to stress too much if you use it regularly. Many employers are understanding and open to cannabidiol. However, this is not necessarily the case with drugs like marijuana.

To pass drug tests, you will need to take adequate time for your body to detox prior to your interview and/or drug test. You may want to consider whether continuing use is going to help you to succeed if you land the job.

A faint line on drug test results technically means that you passed. However, it may raise some questions from your potential employer, like how often you use those drugs as well as whether they will interfere with your work.

Either way, you should be prepared to answer these questions and do what you can to show that you are worthy of the position and are committed to the company’s mission.

Study Up on Basic Interview Questions

The person interviewing you may throw a couple of curveball questions, but the truth is, most interviewers try to stick to the basics. They want to get a solid understanding of who they are talking to and how you would fit in at the company, not scare you, so relax.

Take some time to prepare by reading up on commonly asked interview questions from the company’s website. Craft your responses to share who you are and what you stand for. Make sure to use the STAR technique and sound conversational with your responses to behavioral questions. Let a little bit of your personality come through, as it goes a long way in the hiring process!


Stressing about an upcoming interview isn’t going to do you any good. Running through worst-case scenarios in your head isn’t going to change the outcome whatsoever, so just relax!

Act like you are having a conversation with someone (which you are) and try to take the stress out of the situation. At the end of the day, you are also interviewing them to see if you would like working underneath them.

Do what you can to prepare, and let the rest happen as it is supposed to – you will be a lot happier and less stressed as a result.

Bottom Line

Preparing for an upcoming job interview is really easy. As soon as you take a step back and look at it the scenario for what it truly is, you’ll realize there isn’t a lot to stress about in the first place.

The only reason to stress is if you try to cheat a drug test (which we don’t recommend), failed to dress professionally, or arrived with a bad attitude. Avoid these mistakes by showing up as your best and most prepared self.

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