3 Ways to Feed Your Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Are you’re thinking about owning a farm one day?

It’s a great way to raise animals, especially for foods like butter, eggs, and milk. Having a diversity of farm animals means catering to the animals’ needs, since not all will eat at the same time, or the same product.

In this article, we talk about three different ways to feed your farm animals and why each animal feeds differently.

1. Use Hoppers for Birds

One of the best ways to feed your birds is by hopper. Hoppers can carry tons of feed weight, while keeping it safe and clean. Regardless of where you’re at in the world, you’re sure to find many feed silos for sale in the UK, USA, Europe, and beyond.

When you’re shopping around for hoppers, you’ll find different sizes, from bulk snackers to smaller feeders. Some of the bits you want to think about before you buy are:

  • How many bags of food do you need to fit into the feeder?
  • Will you be using the hopper also as storage?

After figuring out the points above, also keep in mind that hoppers make things more hygienic by preventing dust and bacteria from getting into the food. So, if you’re looking to keep your bird food clean, think about a hopper. Whether it’s a bulk hopper or a more condensed version, your feed will stay organized and sanitary for your birds.

2. Get Large Containers for Horses

When you think about feed for horses, you think about a bunch of hay. It’s true that this is what horses eat, but there’s a method to the magic. If you want domesticated horses, then you want to get them used to a feed schedule. And, depending on how many horses you have, then you want to ensure that your feed container is big enough for all.

Horses are very smart and as soon as they see you, they’ll know it’s time to feed. They’ll begin to gather, and the alphas will head over to the food containers. As soon as you fill the food, they’ll stay and eat until they’re done, leaving the other horses to wait.

To prevent the alphas from getting all the food, you have a few options:

  • Buy a long and deep enough container so that all of your horses can line up to eat at the same time.
  • Buy a few large containers and spread them across your pasture. The alphas will head to one, and the other horses will still have somewhere else to eat.

Although you’re unlikely to face the same issue with the water trough, be sure to keep it full. Also, put a few goldfish in your water to help prevent mosquitos from gathering too much.

3. Choose the Right Pig Feeders

A pig can eat a bunch of food, if you let it. Pigs are known for eating leftover human goods and scraps. But pigs also need diet regulation to grow healthy and strong. You can get a trough or feeder containers. Just be sure you have a way of regulating how much you want them to eat. A couple of other items on feeding pigs:

  • Get the right food mix for them. There is pig feed and other foods that are made for pigs.
  • If you’re feeding them fruits or vegetables, make sure they can eat it. Ask your vet about the right mix for your pigs.

In Conclusion

Feeding your farm animal requires a certain amount of knowledge. While birds need a little help keeping food hygienic, horses require space, and pigs the right container to regulate their food. Whatever farm animal you wish to have, be sure to pay attention to their feeding needs so that they can grow strong and healthy in your farm.




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