3 Top Tools to Use to Efficiently Edit Your PDFs

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It’s hard to search for a perfect PDF editor that will allow you to add text, edit and modify photos, add graphics, fill your name, fill out the forms, etc. With this article, we will provide you with a list of convenient and handy PDF editing tools to satisfy your needs.

Because not everything on this list has the same features, and some are limited with functions, remember that users can process one PDF in different online tools. For example, use one tool to edit your PDF and the others to edit forms, remove pages, or update images. With that said, here are the top tools to use to edit your PDF documents efficiently.


First on the list for the best PDF editing software is PDFBear. This tool is an online-based software that can merge, compress, convert, split, protect, unlock, and edit PDF files without any hassle and difficulty for its users. If you’re a newbie or frequent user of PDFBear, you won’t have a hard time using its functions because this software will provide instructions that are understandable and easy to follow.

Additionally, PDFBear is the most reliable and safest to use online software to edit your PDFs that can be accessed from the web. With that statement, the files you edit, upload, and download are deleted from the server after one hour. This method is to ensure that your documents are private and for your usage only. Besides that, users can use the features of PDFBear on different browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices, anywhere and anytime they want.

PDF-XChange Editor

This PDF editor can provide you with handy tools, but only a few of them are free. If users use the non-free functions, they will save the PDFs with a watermark on each page. But if they use the free ones, they can still edit your documents and save them to their PC. You can upload PDF files from your desktop, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, and a URL and save any edited files to your online cloud storage or computer.

This online software can offer multiple convenient features; that’s why it might be overwhelming to use for the first time. Every tools and option are straightforward to use, and they are organized in their sections for easy access. One crucial function this editor can offer is highlighting every form of fields for you to see what you lack easily. It’s quite helpful when it comes to editing your PDFs with multiple conditions, like the application.

Even though the free version will place watermarks on the edited files, this PDF editor will allow you to edit current text, delete or add PDF pages, or add your text to the file. You can also download this platform in a portable one that you can access using an installer or flash drive. Most of its functions are free, but a few are not.  You can install this online software on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Among the fastest methods in adding shapes, text, images, and your signature to PDFs is through Smallpdf. This online software will allow users to upload their PDFs, edit them, and apply the changes to save on their computer without registering anything and creating an account. It’s free to use! You can upload your documents from your PC or online storage sites like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Adding shapes is also possible such as lines, arrows, circles, squares, or rectangles. Users can also replace their line or primary color and the edge thickness. The text size can be extra-large, large, medium, regular, or small, but you are not allowed to alter the type of the fonts, only the color. When you are done editing your files, you can choose where to save them; to your Dropbox account or other devices.

You are also allowed to get its link so that other people can download the PDF file, which will last for a couple of weeks. If you wish to extract some PDF pages from a document, you can do that with Smallpdf. Users can only edit two PDF files per day, and they will have to wait for another day to repeat the process. This online platform works perfectly on every operating system and different web browsers.


With the online tools listed in this guide, you will not have any difficulty editing your PDF files. All of them are free to use, and you can access them anywhere and anytime you want.

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