3 Tips for Storing Your Cannabis Supply at Your House


It’s 4:20 somewhere. If you’re like the majority of cannabis enthusiasts, then you probably keep some on hand at all times. Whether it’s for personal use or to share with friends, there are countless reasons to store your supply in a secure location. But how do you know which storage technique is suitable for your situation? For example, you live in an apartment building and have nosy neighbors who might snoop around while they think no one is home. That could be grounds for seeking out cannabis-specific storage options that will ensure that all of your hard work cultivating these plants remains hidden from prying eyes.

1) Store it in your house.

If you have a safe, secure place to store cannabis, this is likely your best option. This can be an inside storage space such as a spare room or closet away from prying eyes and only accessible by people who know about its existence. It can also be outdoors so long as they keep them hidden from view and out of reach for children and pets.

Some states allow medical cannabis users to grow their supply at home. If you’re in one of these states and are authorized to do so legally under state law, growing your supply in a designated area with proper ventilation ensures that the humidity level will remain stable while keeping bugs and pests away.

Try using airtight containers when storing your cannabis. These can be anything from plastic bags to glass jars or a larger storage container that’s kept in a cool dark place to ensure the quality and of these plants is retained for as long as possible.

2) Store it out of direct light.

Whether the plants are stored inside or outside, try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause THC levels within the plant to diminish over time, decreasing their potency and effectiveness when used recreationally or medicinally. – Keep humidity at a steady level. Avoid storing cannabis in areas where they might be exposed to too much moisture, such as next to a window that gets lots of water from rain or sprinklers hitting them directly on rainy days, even if it’s kept indoors during those times.

3) Use a humidor if you want to store cannabis long-term.

This is especially important for those looking to keep their supply as fresh and potent as possible, such as those who use medical cannabis regularly or people growing it at home under the legal requirements of their state’s program. Humidors are specifically designed storage units that maintain an ideal humidity level between 60% and 70%. For best results, we recommend using these units in conjunction with airtight jars where they can be placed inside before storing your buds away from prying eyes like nosy neighbors or curious children who might get into them while no one else is around. If this isn’t something you’re interested in investing money on, then try using a regular cigar humidor where the lid is kept closed with humidity beads that are replaced every month or two. The more frequently you check these levels, the better off your plants will be when keeping them fresh and potent for more extended periods.

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