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3 things to consider before replacing roof windows

roof windows
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Roof windows are incredibly effective when it comes to bringing more light into your home – letting as much sunlight into your rooms as possible is a great way to make them appear more welcoming and comfortable, but it can also help you optically enlarge them. There are definitely many reasons for installing roof windows, but what are the signs that it’s time to replace the ones you already have? What are the things to look for when making such a decision?

Do you really need new windows?

The first thing to consider is definitely whether you really need new windows, or at least – do you need to replace all your windows or just those that are damaged in some way? You need to keep in mind that buying new windows can be expensive – though, of course, how expensive exactly depends on their number and type. But nonetheless, it’s quite a significant investment, so if the windows you currently have are still in good condition and there are no issues with them, you may want to postpone it a bit.

Even if one of the windows is leaking or you notice problems with condensation – your first step should be to check whether it can be fixed. And if not – you can simply replace that one faulty window. But when you do this, remember to pick the right model – you can choose a modern Fakro roof window, but it has to fit in stylistically with the rest of the windows. Otherwise, you’re risking making the entire appearance of your home look chaotic and messy.

What type of roof windows do you need?

Now that you’re sure you really want to buy new windows, it’s time to pick the type you need. Contrary to popular belief, not all roof windows are the same – the are various different options with the main difference being between those intended for use on flat roofs and those for pitched roofs. Then there are also different solutions available within each of these two categories. For example, when picking the right windows for a pitched roof, you should consider which of the opening options will work best for your needs. With a centre-pivot one, you may have to sacrifice some of your living space since half of the frame will protrude into your room, with top-hung windows, on the other hand, the entire frame stays on the outside making it a much better option for small spaces.

And when choosing roof windows for flat roofs, you need to consider the way your roof is used – for example, if you want to turn that space into a terrace or a roof garden, you may want to consider walk-on rooflights to make sure there are no safety issues.

What are your expectations?

And finally, the last thing to consider – your expectations. Different windows can offer you different things depending on their model and finishes. And it’s important to think about such things before you set your mind on any particular solution. You may, for example, want to ensure that your loft is peaceful and quiet – and in order to stop the outside noises from bothering you, choosing double-glazed or even triple-glazed windows is the right way to go. It offers better insulation in general, so it’s definitely a good investment. And if you want to protect your furniture from damages and fading, it may be a good idea to look for options with the UV protection film. Make a list of things you expect from your windows – this will be very helpful when comparing all of the available models in order to pick the best one.

After considering all of the things mentioned above, you already have all the information you need to decide whether you really need to replace your windows and, if so, how to look for the new ones.

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