3 Stylish Ways to Personalize Your Scrub Cap

Scrub Cap

Where would the medical industry be without the scrub cap, right? Now more than ever, this uniform basic is essential for surgeons, doctors and nurses in providing the proper hygiene and sanitation for the multiple jobs they perform. These caps neatly keep hair out of the way and serve an important daily function, but scrub caps don’t have to be boring. Our fashion experts are sharing stylish ways for personalizing your scrub cap.

1. Scrub Cap Style

Scrub caps come in several attractive design forms, and this is one way to enhance your individual look.

For example, the bouffant scrub cap makes a gorgeous fashion statement with its extra fabric that doubles as a pouch to neatly tuck in a lot of hair. The large pleats in front are stylish, and the bill is streamlined for comfort and delivers a modern edge to the traditional bouffant style.

There is also the modern pony scrub cap that accommodates most lengths of hair and comes with pretty ribbons to adjust the fit as you make a low bun or ponytail in the back.

The pony scrub cap features more of a tailored fit and creates a chic look.

You could also choose a scrub cap with a close fit that comes without the ribbons to tie in back, but also includes an adjustable fit with fabric ties.

There are also great-looking scrub caps anyone can wear that are fully adjustable via a cord stop and elastic. This type of streamlined design offers a slim-fitting cap and is especially ideal for shorter hair.

2- Scrub Cap Colors

Here is where you can create the fashion vibe you truly desire, and that is with your scrub cap’s color or colors.

For instance, maybe you would like to buy a collection of solid-colored scrub caps and rotate them to match the color of your scrubs uniforms. That’s a polished, traditional look from head to toe that’s got you covered all week long.

Don’t stop there, however. You can express your individual style with a scrub cap that includes an interesting fabric pattern, and really, the sky’s the limit on this one.

Take your time, and look around for the pattern that makes you smile or feel professional and ready to go.

Maybe you prefer wearing a proud Old Glory design pattern of US flags and the red, white and blue.

Or perhaps, you really enjoy putting on a scrub cap with feminine florals and a vibrant color that picks up the shade of your scrubs uniform.

Fashion is always an individual thing, and even wearing a medical uniform gives you options when it comes to your scrub cap, so don’t be shy about expressing your individual style.

3- Scrub Cap Comfort

The most important detail when choosing a scrub cap for your medical job is finding a style that’s comfortable because there’s nothing worse than being on your feet all day with a too-tight cap that’s giving you a headache.

The best fabric to look for in a scrub cap is 100 percent cotton, a truly natural fiber. It is breathable and hypoallergenic, controls moisture and insulates and is a durable fabric.

Cotton is soft, feels nice on and never irritates the skin, and that is why this amazing, natural fiber is also used in making medical products such as gauze and bandages.

You’ll want to wash your scrub caps, either by machine or hand washing and because they are made of 100 percent cotton, your caps will be able to withstand multiple washings and still keep their form, fit and un-faded colors.

Comfort is key when it comes to clothing even when the garment is a uniform or an accessory.

When you feel comfy in your scrub cap, you’ll also feel confident on the job and not be worrying about how you appear.

Self-confidence is a personal thing for each of us, and when you’re able to express your style and still perform your role as a professional, you’re on the right path.

The scrub cap has been around for a very long time and with good reason. Today, the scrub cap is the standard in medical uniforms. Function matters but don’t forget about your fashion vibe. Wear it proud!

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