3 Steps to Take After Being Involved in a Hit and Run Auto Accident

Auto Accident

You just got into a hit and run accident. You are feeling shaken up, but you’re not sure what to do next. The first thing that you need to do is take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. Then, find the nearest safe place where you can pull over and stop your car safely in order to get out of it without getting hurt. Once you have done this, take any photos or write down as much detail about the other vehicle as possible including its license plate number and color before calling the police for help!

1- Document Everything

After You are in an accident your memory can become fuzzy or hazy, which is why you need to take photos and write down as much detail about the other vehicle. Keeping everything documented will be key for your case later on. Doing this first will help you get everything that happened correct. If you can help the police find this person you not only will help your case but it will keep the perpetrator from doing it to someone else again.

If you were not able to take a photo or document the license plate, remember as many details about the other vehicle and share them with police when they arrive on scene.

2- Call the Police

After you have documented what you can, then it is time to call the police. It is important that you get their service on scene as soon as possible so they can conduct a full investigation and contact any other parties involved in this incident. When dealing with the police you may also want to contact a lawyer so that you can know what your rights are.

When dealing with the Police, they will want to know what happened, how it happened and any injuries in order to conduct a full investigation. The first question that they may ask you is whether or not the other driver fled the scene after hitting your car and this answer can be crucial for later on when trying to take legal action against them. If you were injured in the accident be sure to let them know and also what injuries they are. After asking you questions the police will ask you to file a police report so that all of this is documented

3- Check for Witnesses

It’s always best to find out who might have seen the accident happen, because most likely one of them will be able to provide more details of the incident. This is especially important if you were not able to take a photo or write down any information about the other vehicle before it fled the scene.

Sometimes witnesses can come in the form of security cameras attached to businesses in the area when it happened. Video footage can greatly increase the chance of someone being apprehended and held accountable for the collision.

In the event that you were injured you will definitely want to contact a lawyer so that you know your rights and can fully understand what is going on.

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