3 Signs That an Agriculture Farm Needs a New Grain Storage Bin

Grain Storage Bin

A grain storage facility is the backbone of an agricultural operation. Keeping these bins stocked with ample feed and fertilizer will help keep your crops moist and fertile. You might be doing everything right regarding your crop rotation, but if you’re not controlling rodent infestation, you’ll be overrun by pests before you know it. You can learn about the impact of technology on the agricultural field, on this website:

1. Bins are Falling Apart

Most bins we are talking about are older and built to old codes and standards. Many storage bins were also built to store hydroponic crops like tomatoes or potatoes. These crops require more airflow and often need to be replaced every two weeks in most climates, especially if they are starting to look leggy. The frames on most of these old storage containers were built for this type of environment which means that the internal plastic cover can’t support the weight of a grain bin filled with heavy grains. Once you add grain, feed, or fertilizer into your grain facility, you’ll see holes form inside your old bin as the plastic starts to fail under its weight. That’s not the only warning sign you’ll want to look out for.

2. Storage Bins are Rusting

A rusty storage bin is another sign that it is time to get a new grain storage facility. The problem with rust is that it can often eat into the container itself, creating an unsafe place for your animals and people to stand. Rusty grain containers can also start falling apart if you leave them too long or don’t address the problem quickly enough. Rust not only affects the health of your animals, but it can also harbor bacteria and other contaminants that can make you sick.

3. Rodent Infestation

Rodents can get into the smallest of places and cause much damage in a short amount of time. It is essential to look out for signs that your grain storage facility is infested with rodents. The first thing you’ll need to look out for is the obvious signs like droppings and runny stool, but there are other warning signs that you might not immediately consider. Rodents also love to chew on plastic, meaning you might notice chewed-up bins or tunnels made from chewing on plastic sheeting over your bins. If this happens, it is time to call pest control or an exterminator because your grain storage facility will become unusable if it gets destroyed by rodents.

A grain storage facility is essential to any agricultural operation because it helps to keep your crops moist and fertile. However, if you don’t take care of your bins, they will fall apart and become unsafe for use. When this happens, you’ll have to find a new home for your feed or grain, making it impossible for you to make a profit from your farm. Always look out for holes or rusted places on your storage containers before you start using them again, and report any problems you notice as soon as possible.

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