3 Reliable Converting Tools To Handle Your PDFs


PDF converters are what people use to convert their scanned and password-protected PDFs into an editable PPT, Word, Excel, images, or other documents. If you want to get the job done quickly, choose a reliable and dependable PDF conversion tool to transform your files into PDF and vice versa.

If you need that type of PDF converter, there’s nothing to worry about anymore because this guide is capable of providing you the top conversion tools. So here’s a list of reliable converting tools to handle your PDF files.

PDF Bear

The first on the list would be PDF Bear. This software can easily convert your files and do a JPG to PDF easily without encountering any problems. Besides that, it can also convert other file formats such as PPT, Word, Excel, and HTML to a PDF, and vice versa. If you want, you can also compress, merge, split, repair, rotate, or add watermarks to your PDF files. All the mentioned processes are achievable in seconds; that’s why it’s wise to use PDF Bear in handling your files.

There are many advantages when it comes to using PDF Bear, and among them is it’s the most secure platform to use without you spending money. Users who upload and download their files won’t have to worry about their files’ privacy because, after one hour, all those files will be wiped out of the system. That’s how PDF Bear value the privacy and confidentiality of their user’s documents.

Free Online OCR

This online tool will not miss any list when it comes to being one of the top-performing  PDF conversion tools for Windows. Free Online OCR is consistent in providing a great-quality output when users utilize this tool. It’s a web-based app that features OCR technology to make sure that all the scanned document’s quality will remain after every process. It is capable of converting your files, and you need to upload them in the server, and under a minute, you can start downloading the output.

Free Online OCR’s unique feature is that the output won’t be emailed to its users. This kind of feature is ideal for newbies; that’s why they should start using this online tool. Aside from that, anyone can use Free Online OCR without the need to convert your files through your PC. What you need to do is log in to the website using your mobile devices and scan the files that you wish to convert.

Adobe PDF Converter

This converter from Adobe can offer uncomplicated options when it comes to converting your documents. The Adobe PDF converter is the first and most utilized PDF conversion tool around the globe. This PDF converter also stands out because of its cloud subscription package. If you are subscribed, you can work remotely and physically so that you can create, modify, and transfer your output quickly.

Also, this converter ensures that the security of your files is guaranteed. It has a user-friend and sleek interface design for you to have smooth and clean navigation when you access your files.


Managing tons of PDF files is difficult, but if you have the perfect tools, your life is more comfortable handling them. If you use the converters mentioned, it’s easier to convert your PDF files to other file formats. Among the converters, we recommend that you use PDF Bear because it’s more convenient, and you won’t have any problem when converting your PDFs.

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