3 Effective Ways to Naturally Remove Sweat Stains

Remove Sweat Stains

Imagine taking some break from your studies, no more exams and more time to hang out with your family members and friends visiting new places and trying out new activities during the summer holidays. However, spending time outside during the summer will mean you will be experiencing sweaty armpits.

Despite sweat being the body’s way of keeping you cool naturally, it will always leave not so good looking stains on your clothing.  The sweat stains are as a result of aluminum compounds in the antiperspirant deodorant reacting with salt from your body sweat. It will build up over time leaving a not so attractive yellow spot on the armpit area.

Before you start scrubbing, dry cleaning or tossing your stained shirt into the trash, it is important that you know ways you can use to remove the sweat stains.

Consider Using White Vinegar

Immediately you notice sweat stains on your clothes, consider mixing cold water and white vinegar to come up with a solution for the fabric that is stained.  This is one strategy that will always work in most cloth materials although it may not be of great help to stain that is already set. You need to use only the white vinegar. Although the red and balsamic wine mixture can lead to a tasty salad dressing blend, it can easily add to the already present stains.

Ensure you always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing/drying and care after applying the white vinegar solution.

Hydrogen Peroxide Will Do Wonders

Just like White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide will help in removing sweat stains naturally.  However, this product won’t work well in all types of fabrics.  For instance, you are highly discouraged from using hydrogen peroxide on fabrics that are not dye-stable or dry-clean only clothes.

Ensure that you patch test the peroxide on an area that is inconspicuous before you start using it to remove sweat stain. Peroxide uses a natural bleaching action that will help in whitening white clothes and reducing or removing the yellow purge.

When you are done with patch testing, soak the cloth into hydrogen peroxide. Ensure you do not mix peroxide with vinegar or any other cleaning product as it can lead to harmful gases. However, it is possible to mix equal parts of baking soda with peroxide to help in making a scrub.  Rinse the peroxide regardless of if you scrub or soak and place it in the hand washer to help in removing any remaining peroxide.

 Use Lemon

You can remove sweat stains by mixing equal parts of lemon juice and water to come up with a sweat stain busting liquid.  Thereafter, patch test the mixture and when it passes the test, you can proceed to soak your sweaty garment. Rinse it and wash it.  Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to washing and drying.

There you have it! We hope you now know how to get rid of sweat stains naturally from your clothes and help save yourself from the costly venture of having to purchase new clothes every time.

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