3 Best Locations For Enjoying A Waterside Vacation In US

The 2020 Holiday Trends & Destinations Best Bets report by Vacasa reveals that 45% of travelers in the US were looking at a beachfront rental during the holiday season, according to TravelPulse. Traveling to a scenic beach and spending time in a waterfront rental home sounds like an ideal way to enjoy the holidays. However, without a great plan in place, your vacation can turn into a stressful event. A memorable waterside holiday requires proper preparations, including budgeting and packing travel essentials in your carry-on. It is also wise to pick an ideal destination before hitting the road. That way, you can be sure you’re traveling to a place that allows you to accomplish your travel goals. Below are the 3 best locations for enjoying a waterside vacation in the US.

Bigfork, Montana

Located on Flathead Lake’s shore, Bigfork, Montana is a quintessential mountain town, perfect for anyone looking to escape away from their daily routine. The serenity of the great outdoors and the charm of the locals help you to unwind and relax. There are also plenty of fun activities in Bigfork, Montana, so you can rest assured your stay won’t be boring. Depending on your interests, you can choose to go kayaking or rafting on Swan River. Alternatively, you can engage in lake fishing, water skiing, or bird watching in Wayfarer’s State Park. If you prefer non-water activities, you may explore world-class galleries or try out tasty cuisine in food joints.

Lake Havasu City in Arizona 

If you’re planning a waterfront vacation beyond your comfort zone, consider visiting Lake Havasu City. This tourist destination enjoys 300days of sunshine, meaning you can enjoy hiking, off-roading, and fishing without worrying about rainy days. Due to the warm temperatures in the region, the water is always suitable for boating. You can navigate to Lake Havasu coves and spend quality time sunbathing while sipping a cool drink. However, to make the most of your trip ensure you follow the right measures to prevent unintentional drowning in the lake. Avoid swimming or boating in the open waters alone.

Bar Harbor, Maine 

Bar Harbor is a picturesque town located in Mount Desert Island, one of the largest islands off Maine’s coast. It is the best location for exploring Acadia National Park, taking part in a whale watching adventure, kayaking, and diving underwater without getting wet. Other must-do activities in Bar Harbor, Maine, including learning the region’s culture, hiking in the fascinating pine forests, and tasting wine and beer.
There is no better location to enjoy summer vacations than near beaches. Spending time in waterfront towns creates room for endless holiday vibes. You get to engage in countless fun land and water activities, explore tourist attractions, and create meaningful relations with the locals.
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