3 benefits of Protein shakes Before Bed

Protein shakes

Adding protein Shakes to your diet is extremely beneficial to your daily diet. But there has been many doubts regarding which is the best time to add these protein shakes in your day. Whether it is in the morning or before bed time. The choice depends on people to people. Having it in the morning or before bedtime is fine depending on your choice. Here I will mention the 5 benefits you can gain having protein shakes before bed.

1. Weight Loss

Protein is the key nutrient that stimulates new muscle tissue growth and protects the

hard-earned muscle mass from weight loss. But, it does not end there because research shows that the consumption of protein will improve the metabolism before you hit the hay. Protein before sleep can increase energy intake during the night and the following day as well as keep us from eating those late night snacks which can greatly influence our weight loss targets.

2. Muscle Growth

As many people train in the evening and eat protein after the evening workout, how many of us consider having protein shakes before bed? This offers favorable circumstances for muscle growth, because it transforms our muscle into a healthy protein balance, which ensures that we synthesize more muscle than we break down. The studies have also shown that protein shakes in combination with regular training also lead to change in both the size and strength of the muscle.

3. Sleep

Sleep is widely recognized as an important tool for recovery, which can lead to changes in efficiency, immunity and protein absorption through chronic lack of sleep. While much more research is needed in this area, we know that a high-protein diet can improve the overall level of sleep. In addition, the availability of amino acid may improve its intake prior to sleep.

The majority of studies so far supports the use of casino protein, but there are very few differences between casein, whey and soy. The idea behind the use of casein protein is that amino acids are released more sustainably and are available all night long.

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