18 Best Tech Gadgets for a Perfect Halloween

Perfect Halloween

Guess which traditional pagan holiday receives equal adoration by both children and adults? Of course, the answer is ‘Halloween.’ The spooky season has long been synonymous with pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. And with the addition of tech in the mix, Halloween has become scarier than ever. Halloween-inspired gadgets like motion-sensing devices and haunted video projections can add a tastefully terrifying touch to one’s Halloween party. So, if you wish to plan something different this Halloween, here’s a list of the best tech gadgets that’ll make your Halloween night a whole lot scarier.

1. Axe Killer Video Screen

This effect is perfect for all those naughty trick-or-treaters trying to steal your candy. All you have to do is put up the video panel on your door, and voila! The screen will allude everyone into thinking that an axe-wielding killer is trying to trespass on your property. If you want to scare away any pestering teenagers, this gadget can help.

2. Exploding Fuse Box

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the most unsuspecting Halloween prop of all time, an explosive fuse box. These fake fuse boxes can produce electric jolts and shake per command, creating an ominous mood throughout the party. You can use some paranormal equipment to arrange a little ghost-hunt and make the day even more spooktacular. And as people navigate your home, they’ll never know if the electrical wiring is haunted by a spirit or if it’s a prop!

3. Snake Wreath

Catch trick-or-treaters off-guard by placing a snake wreath near your door. The snake will slither into action as soon as someone tries to approach your home. This prop can also act as a year-round repellent for annoying teens and salespeople.

4. Misting Witch’s Cauldron

How can we forget the Halloween essentials? Though store-bought ones are of better quality, if you are getting out of budget, these can be made at home using some LED lights, dry ice, and old water. When the party’s over, the cauldron can act as a one-of-a-kind tabletop display!

5. Spider Box Prank

For prank enthusiasts, a spider box prank can be the best pick for fun. As humans are naturally curious, all one has to do is place the box in the open. Without any intervention, the box will quickly lure its prey of all ages and sizes to terrify people.

6. Self-Writing, Animated Spellbook

Wish to stand out this holiday? Get yourself a self-writing spellbook. These animated books come with a feather that lights up the letters. For added spookiness, these books even produce creepy sound effects. All you need is a pair of A.A. batteries to get the enchantment on its way.

7. Halloween, Friday The 13th, Purge Mask

Nothing says Halloween spirit like a scary mask, especially the light-up ones. Put on your mask and turn the switch up for a fearful image. Most of these offer various colors and lighting options and require a pair of A.A. batteries.

  1. An Eye-ball Doorbell

If you want to limit trick-or-treaters’ access to your candy, get an animated eyeball doorbell. As they press the button, the giant, spooky eyeball opens with a bone-tingling sound. This décor will surely make anyone think twice before entering.

9. Vortex Tunnel

Though a little expensive, a vortex tunnel display can give trick-or-treaters the sense that they’re being transported into a different dimension. This rotating, fully automated portal can make them feel like they’re standing at the edge of a galaxy. If you’ve got some 3D glasses lying around, the special effects can become extra special.

10. Custom Creepy Hand Phone Cases

If you want some help in your holiday prep, a creepy phone case can lend a hand. What makes it unique? There’s an artificial hand attached to the phone case’s back that fits perfectly into one’s hands as they hold it––and can scare anyone who sees it randomly.

11. Halloween Pumpkin LED Lights

Don’t want to cause life-long phobias and nightmares but still want to get in the spooky spirit? Pumpkin-themes LED lights might be what you’re looking for. You can replace the traditional Jack’O lanterns light for these LEDs’ orange and energy-efficient luminescence.

12. The Zombie Out Of the Ground

There’s no better decor for the Walking Dead fans than a whole zombie just appearing out of the ground and groaning as zombies do. The zombie, however, is only activated when movement or sound occurs around it. After that, it starts making zombie-like sounds, and its flashing, red eyes stare into the passerby souls. All you need are A.A. batteries to get your zombie out of the ground.

13. Motion-Activated Grim Reaper

If you want the personification of death itself to laugh at your innocent guests, get a motion-activated hanging Grim Reaper instead of the boring old skeleton. This prop’s burning, bright, crimson red eyes will haunt everyone that visits it. The hallway would make an ideal place to hang this prop so it can greet passersby.

14. Screaming Doormat

By far, the most fool-proof way to freak out trick-or-treaters is through a screaming doormat. If you’re worried about traumatizing children too much but also don’t want to let them off the hook for free, then this subtly horrifying gadget is your best bet.

Plus, it’s also ideal for adults who’d like to have a round of laughs with their friends during the holiday. Just place the thing under your original doormat and catch them by surprise. Like most of these gadgets, one only requires some batteries.

15. Fog Machines

Another way to add oomph to your All Hallows’ Eve is by creating artificial fog. All other decorations and props will pale in comparison to the fog’s effect at the party. One fog machine can easily fill two big rooms without needing any help from fans. They usually have a drain and wireless remote control. All you need is some compatible water-based fog fluid, and you’re golden.

16. LED Witches

Adding lit-up witches as decoration with your Jack o’ Lanterns can be the surest way to scare the trick-or-treaters. Plus, these witches glow at night and even float mid-air! While they hover above, the LEDs under their robes will cast their spell.

17. Motion-Activated Candy Bowls

Want to spook the little ones while indulging them? Get a motion-activated candy bowl, fill in some goodies and let the kids run loose. As soon as they grab a candy, a hand hidden under will activate. All you need are some AAA batteries for this one.

18. Horror Sound Machine

Bone-chilling sound effects are the true essence of this holiday. And the holiday is incomplete without howling wolfs, groaning ghosts, moaning zombies, and cackling witches.

For this, you can place a horror sound machine somewhere at your place. Some of these machines come with over 15 buttons, each carrying a unique sound. Though all sounds are pre-recorded, their sound quality remains top-notch. What’s more perfect for creating an eerie mood than this?

Wrapping It Up

Most people can’t wait for October to roll around so they can speed-run to their storage to get all the Halloween decorations out and put them on display. And while Jack’O lanterns, hanging skeletons, and cobwebs might have done the trick previously, it’s time to update your Halloween decorations with some tech gadgets. Some creepily good gadgets include an exploding fuse box, animated spellbook, and video projections.

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