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14 Contemporary Mantel Remodeling Styles For Your Home

14 Contemporary Mantel Remodeling Styles For Your Home 1

Sitting beside your warm limestone fireplace with a cup of scintillating hot coffee warming your hands and enhancing your taste buds is the quintessential screenshot for a lifetime.

Though winter season ushers chilly breeze and ice flakes, it is also accompanied by the considerable use of fireplaces and surrounds. On top of that, it is the best time to personalize your fireplace using creative DIYs and furnishing to give your home and office an utterly ravishing look this spell.

Needless to say, everyone aspires for a cozy cubbyhole where they could mark their niche and spend some quality me-time. Here are some alluring fireplace mantel and surround designs set-up. Pick one suiting to your preferences. Let’s explore and make your living more pronounced.

  1. Organized and Balanced Kitchen Fireplace Mantel

This fireplace option is just spot on for kitchen and dining area giving perfect environment. Be innovative and personalize your kitchen fireplace seemingly accompanying the organized texture of fireplace and its surround walls. The vintage texture and wooden furniture go along well. So, if you love cooking or probably eating then get this idea for your lovely kitchen if you enjoy cooking.

  1. Go Green with Covered Porch Fireplaceand Surrounds

This décor nurtures friendly vibes in your space. The lively and dynamic stone-texture fireplace go well with neutral carpet and cornflower blue or royal blue suede couches. If you are planning to this setup for your covered porch, don’t forget to call your best buddies for an exotic Italian cuisine, and mix it up with some wine and expresso.

  1. Peaceful Readers’ Hall Fireplace

This fireplace mantel setup is perfectly themed keeping in mind readers’ zeal to learn and create. High roof and wooden furniture give picturesque ambiance to the readers’ hall. Additionally, it helps to boost their interest by offering them great serenity and peace. So, just bump into your couch grabbing a mug of coffee and your all-time favorite author’s bestseller. Be quick and go ahead, this granite stone vintage fireplace mantel will keep you warm this winter.

  1. Soulful Living Area Fireplace Mantel

If you are fed-up with your obsolete fireplace mantel modeling and looking for some transformation, then this blooming and soulful fire arrangement is what you have been looking for. This steel-framed fireplace mantel justifies modernizing outlook of suede couches, proffering perfect balance of style and robustness. Whenever you are depressed and feel blue, just come to this place and watch the best comic series ever. Blues will turn RED!!

  1. Refreshing Dining Area Fireplace and Surrounds

Organized and polished fireplaces make a profound and everlasting impression on your guests. This fireplace is a flawless piece of architecture which offers warm gestures to them. They will find it irresistible to dine in at your place!! So, equip yourself for their frequent visits. Conjointly, fireplace surrounds also do justice with the gold-adorned dinnerware. Add this arrangement to your list for your dining hall.

  1. French Aspired Fireplace Mantel for Living Area

Are you French culture follower? This season flank your living area with French limestone fireplace mantel. This 18th-century fireplace is adorned with multiple layered vintage mirrors. Keep the mirror very close to the fire and clad it with fresh white lilies. This refreshing remodeling complements the royal ottomans and matt fabric cushions.

  1. Well-defined Formal Bedroom Outlook

A snowy-white bedroom upholstery conveniently complements white tiles of this fire chamber. It is needless to say that this fireplace option is exclusively polished and requires some amount of maintenance. Everything from the chandelier to lining and quilt will keep you cozy and warm.

  1. Fireplace for Book-lovers

We can see a quick drift in the look of fireplaces mantels since last 10 years. They have transformed from bricks; looking smoky yet rustic, to more polished and metal-clad. Eventually, this change provides a wide variety of options to choose from. You can pick the fireplace arrangement suiting to your preference and convenience. Needless to say, this metal-clad fireplace suits to study area.

  1. Comforting Fireplace Mantel

Charming brick-covered fireplace brushing off the winter chills, warm ambiance providing serenity to your soul and mind, supportive couches offering you broad cuddles, what more one could ask for? Nothing beats this fire chamber setup in those chilly winter nights. This is so far the finest contemporary fireplace model helping you to take a quick short nap.

  1. Be Artistic with Fireplace Mantle in Your Kid’s Room

Your child’s room is the best place to reveal your innovative self, try various DIYs for the walls, fireplaces, etc. Use the fire chamber in your kid’s room as the storage area, stuff it with toys, or just fix shelves to this place to keep various essentials such as clothes, books, etc. Make sure to make it colorful and joyful.

  1. Rustic Stoned Fireplace for Bathroom

Stoned stacked fireplaces get along well with bathroom models & ergonomic interior of the bathroom ranging from ethnic to modernized. This fireplace mantel seemingly substantiates stone bathtubs, marble bathtubs, copper bathtubs and stone sinks. However, stone fireplaces demand more maintenance, it is quite a task to remove heavy stains on them. The fireplace will eventually create natural smoky smudges on the stone, which will make the fireplace enormously rustic.

  1. Edgy Stainless Steel Frame Fireplace

Stainless steel bestows edgy-look to fireplace from top to bottom to perfectly flourishing with a formal office environment. However, these sharp edges could be hurting. Therefore, they have been shielded with rigid marble outer framework in this fireplace mantel. This fireplace has been kept precise taking into account limited office space. Stainless steel easily gets stained on a long run, thus, requires a good cleaning. So, this stainless steel fireplace is a tricky way to crack big and challenging business deals!!

  1. Lively Fireplace Option

This is an exceptional fireplace mantel offering whimsical look to the entire setup. The fireplace is shielded with the heavy metal frame, giving it elegant yet rustic look. The outer shield prevents the fire chamber from burning the wooden furnishing installed just above it. Bright and blooming décor is aptly balanced with austere fireplace. Get this idea for your living room, if you are eventful and crave for lively ambiance.

  1. Classic Brick Fireplace Mantel

This exposed brick-covered fireplace has the rustic charm, and it keeps vintage fire chamber theme alive. Although, if you find this setup bit pricey, avail firebox brick liners to get the same look and feel. However, traditional brick fireplace gives a classic look to your space.

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