10 Steps To Make Your Client Makeup Consultation A Success

Client Makeup Consultation A Success

Are you an up-and-coming makeup artist or want to further your experience with an online makeup course to enhance your client experience? Are there steps you are lacking when dealing with your clients? Well good news, there is no more need to worry. We have 10 steps to share with you that will allow you to provide your client with the best possible makeup application that is unique to the specific look they require. You can learn about the importance of various types of skill certifications and examinations, on this website:

When providing a consultation it is vital that you make the client feel most comfortable and treat them with the highest respect and polite mannerisms. It is also very important that you have had the correct training and experience before diving in. These steps below will ensure success for the client and the team on board.

Step 1:

First things first, allow time before cleaning and sanitise all makeup brushes and applicators. Make sure all health and safety guidelines are met when applying special effect products and prosthetics.

Step 2:

Plan out your kit. Will you need extra special effects makeup, how many clients will you be working on and will you need to do extra touch-ups?

Step 3:

Dress the part, and showcase your work and artistry through your makeup, hair and clothing for your consultation.

Step 4:

Time management. When providing a makeup consultation it is best to take into account the time you have to set up, apply all the makeup that is needed and the time it takes for products to set and dry.

Step 5:

Be approachable and build rapport with your client, ask them about the event or job that they are needing professional makeup for.

Step 6:

What are the conditions and length of the event/ production set? This will allow you to consider how much or how few products are needed so that they can last throughout the duration.

Step 7:

Does your client have any allergies, do they flare up with a particular product?

Step 8:

Plan and map out what style of makeup your client will want and need. Be advanced in knowing what colour will suit their skin tone best, be able to work with different skin conditions/ages, will minerals or powders suit this particular client better, and what shape of eyes do they have?

Step 9:

Is there a set model you are working off for inspiration for the correct look? Follow this.

Step 10:

Be confident and work your magic.

If you are wanting to master the foundations of makeup applications for a variety of clients in life or production sets, then you should consider an online makeup course from a reputable provider. The online makeup course Australia by AACM, Makeup Fundamentals, is a great example of this. Their online makeup course can provide you with the best quality training with practical outcomes for when you are working with a real client.

Learn more about the makeup related courses that are accepted around the globe, on this website:

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