Victor Smith

I'm Victor - Co-Founder of REGATED. I'll be uncovering the truth behind the corrupt and greedy political system we've been dealt.

Sam Wenkert

Sam Wenkert is a multi-talented writer for REGATED. He began writing about politics during the 2008 election year, and has been interested in political science ever since. Sam also reports on developing world news.


Jon Hall

Contributor / Opinion Writer

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.

Brandon Kelly

Brandon is an editor, freelance writer, and recovering Democrat.



Graduated magna cum laude with degrees in Political Science and Communication Studies. I am very highly educated.Drop me a scoop: maxwell@regated.com


Bryan Stascavage

Bryan Stascavage is an Iraq War veteran and writer for REGATED. He is an avid political news junkie, expert on international terrorism, and follows free speech issues on college campuses.


David Blasdale

David Blasdale is a former Marine rifleman currently working on his PhD in history. Check out his satirical twitter of new Seinfeld episodes under Sharia law


Ethan Pepper

With over 5 years experience in content management, internet marketing, social media and search engine optimization - Ethan Pepper has decided to utilize his technical abilities to help fight Globalism.


Kirby Smith

Marine Corps Infantry veteran, small business entrepreneur, free market capitalist. An oath-bound patriot dedicated to the original American ideals of non-interventionist foreign policy and small government, KIRBY is enthralled with the phenomena of classical liberalism rising in outrage against the increasingly intolerant regressive culture of "social justice." Constantly in pursuit of empirically based solutions to every day problems, he strives to bring a critically questioning eye to all traditions and treaties, policies and procedures. Self-identifies as a "fucking white male," so watch your pronouns. @kirbyREGATED


Lachlan is a writer for REGATED. After years of closely following world politics, he began covering geopolitical issues and Australian politics.


Shane Rider

Shane Rider is a writer for REGATED, interested in political theory, conservatism, and all things Boston. He is consistently seen at Fenway Park and has been known to sleep outside for World Series tickets. You can follow him on Twitter @sriderMA


Ayn Orwell

Ayn Orwell is a student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has followed politics since the 2008 election of Barry Soetoro. You can follow him on Twitter @ghostsofalaska! Contact: aynorwell@protonmail.com

Ben Ingram

Ben is writer, musician and medical device engineer. When not triggering SJWs, he enjoys life in his beachside Daytona apartment. https://twitter.com/BIngramREGATED


Chase Stuart

Chase Stuart is a semi-intelligent, logic-based, millenial writer. He began writing about politics during the 2016 election season. Chase also reports on current events in local and world news.


Thomas Maxwell

Thomas Maxwell is a self-taught writer for REGATED. When not working on his other writings, he spends a great deal of time observing the current election and writing opinion articles. Thomas' other interests include homesteading, history, and reading for entertainment. https://twitter.com/ThomasREGATED


Donald Miller

Donald Miller is a prominent figure in the right-wing internet niche. He has previously worked behind-the-scenes, and is now spreading the message of the alt-right across the internet. America First. https://twitter.com/donaldREGATED


Eva Sallust

Eva is a stunning brunette who does too many drugs. She teaches in the emerging field of Gonzo archaeology. Her favorite artist is Lana Del Rey, she is easily angered, and that's all you get to know about her.


Brought to you by Gabriel Canto, proud member of the Regated team. By day Gabriel combats corporate greed as an attorney. By night he fights the good fight against political correctness, moral relativity and anti-intellectualism. He was an idealist libertarian turned realist moderate turned let's burn it down and rebuild it with Trump. Gabriel was lucky enough to be born in the great state of Texas in the greatest nation that's ever existed. Smart enough to realize it. Bold enough to say it and say it loudly.What makes America great? It's the meritocracy, dumb ass.


Iris Publius

Iris is new to writing about opinionated politics. She enjoys binge-watching Friends whenever it's on, and is currently attending college.


Jack Keenan

Jack Keenan is a young male based in Australia who has had a big interest in politics since the middle of 2015 mainly with the upcoming American election. Jack has varied views usually right winged not only on America but on the entire world.


Jack Murphy

Please follow my Twitter pages @TheJMurphy and @WeNeedTrump!


R.K. Muldoon

R.K. Muldoon is a medical student, political commentator, and ex game warden. He began his career in politics after his last job at a theme park ended poorly. He enjoys drawing parallelisms between "extinct" apex predators and political figures, and writing from the safety of his raptor-free office. He hopes to use his remaining limbs to bring truth and pragmatism to the political sphere.


John Glass

John Glass is a conservative who grew up in a military family that moved around the country. He was one of many Americans who bought into Obama's hope and change and was horribly disappointed. He has since developed much more conservative views.


J.T. Maddington

J.T. is a Jim Webb Democrat turned Trump Republican. He writes for REGATED with a focus on foreign policy, national security, and law enforcement.


Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher is a conservative writer for REGATED. Second year college student. Might or might not have been dead broke leaving the White House.


Nicholas J. Fuentes

Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.


Jeremy Oliver

Jeremy Oliver is an investigative journalist and producer. You can learn more about him through his twitter account: twitter.com/oliverstake


Rickey Halliday

Rickey Halliday is a writer, statistics and data nerd, political junkie, and a democratic convert to the republican party. He enjoys writing informative pieces to give readers things that they won't get elsewhere.


Robert Powell

Robert Powell is a young writer from Appalachia. His life in a region of America that is both historically poor and politically corrupt, while simultaneously mesmerizing in its beauty and unique in its traditional culture, gives him an unusual perspective that dares to refute his generation's trend of mindless regressivism and identity politics.



Tom writes words. When not writing words, he cooks, plays music, or reads. You can find him on twitter @somethingmusic.


Quinton Raider

Opinionated. Education includes a B.A. in history and political science and a M.A. in Public Policy. Politically incorrect.