Three Odd Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Underwater Upside Down Hockey - Three Odd Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Betting as a concept has been around for many years. Sports betting as well. Read all the latest sports betting news in US and find the best bookies to legally place bets with on OnlineSportsBooks dot bet Keep your ears and eye open for them. Who knows? The next odd sport you bet on could be the one that makes you a winner.

When people think of sports betting, they think about the usual sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. However, there is a big world of unusual and odd sports out there that people didn’t know they could bet on (or exist for that matter).

Here are three odd sports Regated found that you didn’t know you could bet on.

Underwater Upside Down Hockey

Yes, you read that right. Think hockey played in a frozen pool or pond. Players head underneath the frozen body of water and play the game of hockey upside on the frozen side.

The weirdest thing here would have to be that players don’t use any breathing apparatus. Every 30 seconds they must come up for air.

This sport is quite famous in Finland.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing - Three Odd Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Separately, these two sports are great on their own. Chess is a fantastic mental sport and boxing is a pinnacle of physical prowess.

Put them together and you have the best of both worlds!

The background of the whole sport is the 18 minutes of chess. Every three minutes though, five minute rounds of boxing take place.

Players only need to win over their opponent in one of the two sport. They can either knock their opponent out or checkmate them on the board.

Mountain Unicycling

Mountain Unicycling - Three Odd Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Also known as “muni”, mountain unicycling is definitely a crazy sport to watch and to bet on. In this sport, unicyclists head to the mountains and try to navigate through the treacherous terrain all on one wheel.

Unicyclists can go up to as fast 80 kilometers an hour!

As these odd and different sports find prominence in the world, it is only a matter of time before they also become quite famous in online betting sites.

These are only a few odd sports that people can bet on. We are sure that there are more out there that we haven’t yet heard about.