About Regated

Like a horse running at full speed, the legalization of sports betting can be seen hurtling from the distance. We here at Regated see that horse and anticipate its arrival.

At Regated, we are a company that is all about sports betting in the United States. We like to specialize on a few topics. First of all, we provide news and updates on the many different sports that can be bet on in the United States.

These sports include the traditional sports such as basketball, baseball, football, tennis and more. However, this may extend to other sports and events such as horseracing and greyhound racing.

Apart from that, we also write several articles on the many different tips that people who bet should learn and follow when betting.

While sports betting isn’t exactly legal yet in the United States, steps are slowly being taken in the direction of legalization.

Case in point was what happened these past few years. As of May 2018, the supreme court ruled that the original sports ban from 1992 was violating the states’ rights. From there, Delaware and New Jersey were only the second and third state to implement legal betting.

These events have opened a wide realm of possibilities when it comes to sports betting.