Social media is ablaze with anger, outrage, and outright contempt aimed at a group of young blacks who racially attacked a white special needs man on Facebook live. The motive was racism. It’s really that simple.

The video of the attack has gone viral. Thousands have now seen the tortuous and painful attack by violent, intoxicated, and angry domestic terrorists convinced that they are entitled to hurt and humiliate this victim, just ’cause.

Despite suspects being in custody, and mass social media uproar, biased platforms like YouTube are already removing the video for unknown reasons:

This is similar to previous censorship by YouTube of black on white crimes that came after Trump’s election night victory. Just two days after Trump won in an indisputable landslide — humiliating pundits and career politicians with decades of intimate knowledge of electoral process — Conservative Outfitters reported YouTube removed similar hate crimes for ‘violating policy’.

Of course, any prudent onlooker should notice that many blacks disavow Black Lives Matter, just as many whites disavow the KKK. This is not a racial issue, but one of extremism being tolerated by one group — yet not the other. Our position at Regated usually follows that the KKK is horrid and so is BLM. Except only one group is relevant today.

Here are some hot takes from Twitter:

The videos are here and here (and below) for those who have not seen, here the man is tied and bound while bleeding:

And here the man is forced to drink toilet water against his will: