Just like any year, 2016 was full of ups-and-downs. Let’s forget about everything else that happened and focus on what made 2016 so great: Trump! In no particular order, here’s last year’s TOP 16 “Trump” moments.

01. Trump’s Nuke At The Second Debate

Trump deployed this tactical nuke at the second Presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. Seemingly oblivious to the world-ender she was walking into, Clinton prattles: “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country…”

“…because you’d be in jail,” Trump casually finishes. The media and anti-Trump denizens of the Internet seem to have forgotten this exchange. A manufactured hysteria of Trump being likely to “renege” from prosecuting Clinton has been created. Trump’s pick of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General has made even the liberal Washington Post admit Sessions may spell trouble for Hillary concerning her e-mails. The lamestream media manufactured hysteria is just another case of fake news!

02. The New Hampshire Landslide

It was all jokes and laughs on Trump starting out the primary season. That is, until he won New Hampshire.

The mainstream media and Establishment were lulled into a false sense of security with Ted Cruz’ initial win of the Iowa caucus. The media continued to laud Trump as a joke. They laughed at the notion of him even being a serious contender for the Republican nomination.

Then the proverbial dam broke with New Hampshire. Don’t take my word for it, let the mainstream media do the talking:

03. “She Should Be Running!”

Trump threw out this zinger during a Republican primary debate when low energy Jeb Bush referenced his mother as the strongest woman he knew. Considering Jeb’s performance in the primaries, being among the first of the “serious contenders” to drop out…  maybe if his mother did run for the Republican nomination, she’d have fared a bit better! You have to remember, this is the same man that pleaded for a captive audience to “please clap“. Pleading doesn’t exactly signal strength in negotiations, you have to admit. Trump saved us from a potential third Bush administration – that alone should make liberals eternally grateful!

04. Trump Abandons His Motorcade, Walks To Hotel

Protesters swarmed and blocked the front entrance to the California Republican convention in San Francisco ahead of Trump’s arrival. What does Trump do? He takes the back door, of course! With his motorcade pulling off the side of the highway, Trump leaves the vehicle and follows an entourage past some barricades and coolly waltzes up to the back entrance of the building. Trump is a certified problem-solver and laughs in the face of obstacles. Did some protesters blocking the front door of an event really think they’d delay or stop Trump? If it was Obama, on the other hand – he probably would have went golfing as soon as he got word of protesters blocking the doors!

05. Trump Speaks At The Al Smith Dinner

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching Trump roast Clinton at the Al Smith dinner. I highly recommend watching his full speech if you haven’t already. Through the dinner, Trump hit on Clinton’s numerous scandals and keeps it somewhat constrained; nothing too explosive. In a sort of long con, he attempts to gain the trust and attention of the mostly pro-Clinton audience; setting them at ease. Once he knows he has their attention, his insults and jokes start to bigly lambaste Clinton and her record. The crowd boos and yells against Trump’s jokes but the damage is already done. The Al Smith dinner – usually a scripted and sterile event with career politicians – had been knocked off-kilter with Trump’s presence. Soon, the White House and political Establishment will become “victim” to Trump’s brand of integrity and grit.

06. “It’s Rubio!”

At one of his rallies in Texas, Trump took Marco Rubio, former GOP rival, through the ringer. On stage, in front of thousands, Trump took an open water bottle and swung it, sending water through the air. “It’s Rubio!” he exclaimed. A playful mock on how much Rubio sweat on the debate stage, you better believe none of the other nominees were throwing this much shade at any of their rivals. Trump, on the other hand, certainly didn’t care and didn’t have any Establishment bosses his campaign had to answer to.

“You can’t bully your way to the presidency, Donald,” Jeb Bush once espoused on the debate stage… yet here we are, with Trump as President-Elect. Jeb is a mess!

07. Trump Destroys Cruz On “New York Values”

Never so excellently did Trump dismantle and shame Ted Cruz when he put him in his place for his “New York values” comment. After claiming that conservatives don’t come from “liberal”, “pro-abortion” New York,  Trump launched into his counter-attack against Lyin’ Ted. He began by listing off conservatives that actually did come from New York and spoke of his love for the city and its people. Trump explained the hardship the city went through after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, rightfully defending and fighting for an entire state of people from Cruz’ obnoxious statement.

In the end, Cruz looked stupid and Trump looked good. Trump played a long, thoughtful game of 4D chess most of his rivals didn’t even fully understand. One thing Lyin’ Ted did realize, though, was that Trump really couldn’t be stumped – however, that isn’t to say Cruz didn’t continue to try! Where did it get him, though – ousted as the Zodiac Killer? Congrats, Ted!

08. Trump Takes Stage to “Les Mis” Theme

From an /r/The_Donald Reddit thread posted on September 10, a meme was born and ascended. Just a week after the mentioned thread was posted, Trump took his rally stage to the Les Mis theme and the same image from the Reddit thread, pictured below:

In a subtle way of communication, Trump confirmed he was (or more likely, his staff made him) aware of the subreddit centered around him. It was a clever shout-out to give to the community, extending an outreach and quick nod of approval to the thousands of posters subscribed to the forum who had pledged their support for his run at the Presidency.

09. Trump Brings Baby Look-A-Like On Stage At Rally

Trump saw this look-a-like baby in the crowd at one of his rallies and brought him up on stage. When given the option of staying on stage with Trump or going back to his parents, the baby chirped “Trump” into the mic to the crowd’s uproarious applause and Trump’s bemused approval. The interaction makes Trump look both charming and mature.

Conversely, picture Clinton talking with a child on a rally stage. Hillary’s grating, metallic voice would have the kid crying in no time. If the kid cried loud enough, it would probably drown out both Hillary and her gymnasium of twenty-or-so rallygoers. Baby Steals Stage At Clinton Rally – that’s a headline I’d love to have seen on CNN!

10. Trump Takes Down His Teleprompter

Speaking at a rally, Trump gave yet another testament to how much of an Establishment outsider he was during election season by taking down his teleprompters on a whim. To the crowd’s furious approval, he hit on Clinton and her constant use of teleprompters. When he began campaigning, Trump rarely used teleprompters at his rallies – instead speaking directly from his heart to the crowds. The lack of teleprompters kept his speeches more visceral and emotive as opposed to stiff and flat – like every one of Clinton’s teleprompter speeches.

If, if, if, if, if you want to see our current commander-in-chief fare without a teleprompter:

That’s all just a bunch of okey-doke, though. Don’t listen to any of those provactive tweets!

11. Trump Visits Flood-Stricken Louisiana

After devastating flooding hit Louisiana, it seemed neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama had time to fit a visit to the state into their busy schedules. Trump, however – on top of rallies and speaking engagements – did. Bringing supplies and showing he cared before he was even President, Trump displayed massive character by going to talk with citizens and local officials about the state’s road to recovery. In a show of compassion, he let Louisianians know that somebody did understand and care about their plight… which is much more than anything President Obama or President-hopeful Clinton did regarding the matter.

12. Trump Invites Angel Moms Onstage

Immigration was a hot topic of Trump’s campaign. Inviting the Angel Moms onstage to speak, he gave them a chance to remember and memorialize their children who had been killed by illegal immigrants. Trump gave them a voice and a platform, an audience willing to listen and understand just what an outrage our immigration system has become. Illegal immigrants with a serious criminal record and reason not to be allowed in the country, killed these children. The immigrants being in the country illegally equates these deaths as totally preventable. In turn, the Obama administration did not bring the Angel Moms any form of justice for their children but instead ignored them. Only with Trump were they given a voice.

13. Trump’s “Birther Conference”

After Obama’s “birther” controversy was re-ignited during the election, Trump put the issue to rest by holding a conference on it…

which mainly included Trump announcing all of the Medal of Honor recipients who were endorsing him as President. Forcing the bought-out legacy media to put the MOH recipients endorsing Trump into the spotlight of the news cycle, Trump completely and utterly duped them by not giving full focus of the conference to the “birther” controversy. Trump, familiar with the “art of the deal“,  bamboozled and trolled the mainstream media in a full display of brainpower and cunning.

14. Trump’s “Miller Tapes”

Near the beginning of the year, tapes from 1991 were leaked which allegedly showed Trump masquerading as his own spokesman, “John Miller”. The mainstream media was quick to latch onto the possibility of a Trump scandal and ran with it, berating Trump for possibly acting so unprofessional.

Except, wait… one thing…

The reporter, Sue Carswell, who owned the tapes suggested that only two people would have had access to the tapes to leak them: her and Trump. Carswell denied leaking the tapes… which means Trump almost certainly did. The Miller tapes took full control of the news cycle for days which is probably what Trump wanted – remember, any publicity is good publicity if they’re writing about you!

15. “I will totally accept the results – IF I WIN!”

This one speaks for itself. Ahead of the election, Trump confirmed he would accept the results of the election – if he won. In typical Trump fashion, he totally steals the scene and airs the confident bravado he always so effortlessly rocks. Instead of bending the knee and accepting a possibly rigged election, he turned it into a joke in Trump-esque manner.

Seriously, with this man – what’s not to love? (Hypothetical question, liberals – hold the e-mails!)

16. Election Night Victory

We saved the best for last. After facing 16 other candidates for the Republican nomination, a completely biased and corrupt media, and the “most qualified” candidate in history, Trump’s election night victory was monumental. Pundits, pollsters, and journalists got it all wrong. Most of all, going into election night, Clinton had a 98% chance of winning according to news outlets and polls. Even with the odds stacked against him, Trump still thrived and won. Woefully underestimated by the media and political Establishment, Trump excelled under the pressure and continuously came out ahead up until November 8 when he snagged the Presidency right out from Crooked Hillary’s cankles.

Maybe they’ll take him a little more seriously in 2020 – but I doubt it!

Happy New Year, REGATED readers – and may your 2017 be filled with prosperity and good fortune!

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Jon Hall

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