The 74th annual Golden Globe awards aired teeming with anti-Trump moments aplenty.

Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue roasted Trump, giving a pretty accurate indicator of how the rest of the night would go. Viola Davis spoke backstage slamming Trump and how “America has fallen short of its dreams and values”. Hugh Laurie mocked Trump in his acceptance speech… just what we need, another brit interjecting in our country’s affairs – NOT! Emblazoned by the anti-Trump displays previous, Meryl Streep made her lifetime achievement award solely about Trump! Obsessed, much?

It seems that any chance liberal Hollywood gets to speak out against Trump – they will. It’s a shame because these celebrities lie through their teeth regarding Trump. For instance, one of the videos linked prior involves a bunch of D-list celebs urging Congress to obstruct a President Trump. Their pleas start out by stating American citizens didn’t vote for “racism, sexism, xenophobia” yet Trump still won! Instead of applying logic and realizing if Trump won, maybe the majority don’t see him as racist, sexist, or xenophobic, they double down. One of the actors posits that hate crimes are on the rise – which is false.

The “hate crimes” supposedly perpetrated in Trump’s name post-election and reported on by the mainstream media have all been hoaxes.

You know what didn’t turn out to be a hoax, though? The disabled man kidnapped and tortured by four black young adults who streamed it live on Facebook. Meryl Streep didn’t bother to mention that during her anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes but she did erroneously mention that Trump “mocked” a disabled reporter. Ann Coulter deconstructed and disproved the mainstream media lie of Trump mocking the reporter, proving he’s used the same gesture when referencing other people. For me, that’s a definitive case closed.

Curiously enough, Streep was weepy recalling her reaction to Trump mocking the reporter. Was she weepy when Roman Polanski – convicted pedophile – won best director in 2003? Nope, she not only applauded him but gave him a standing ovation!

On the list of things Meryl Streep is disturbed by, it seems President Trump headlines but a child rapist goes unlisted. Isn’t it funny how liberal celebrities and Hollywood works – so woefully out-of-touch from reality in their safe, manufactured bubbles! If they took their heads out of the sand and looked at their actions and words, maybe they’d realize how hypocritical they’re being.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
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    she is a zero…sad because she can act…empty dress…

  • the truth and the light

    Hollywood is a joke and a punchline all rolled into one.