Tonight at eight o’clock at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address, his last major speech as President of the United States. According to various insiders, the 44th President intends to “admonish” his successor as well as deliver an “action plan,” presumably for the legions of future community organizers inspired by the lawlessness of the first and last Alinksy Administration.

And how fitting a location, and in such an appropriate historical context for the last rites of this crooked political machine and its corrupt ideology; The place where this long winter began, eight years ago, when a freshman Senator from Illinois with no resumé other than a rousing speech acceded to the most powerful office on the planet. Coming fresh off the heels of a failed five year punitive expedition in the desert and an economic meltdown that few even understood, the American people rallied around a simple premise: hope and change.

Humiliated abroad and in recession at home, the nation looked to the fluffy idealism of a charming young orator whose election could finally turn the page on America’s original sin, an achievement which appealed to a sunny, romantic vision of America. We had tried white forty four times, how about an “African American?” A beautiful and pure distraction, something to look up to, we would make this election about asserting the most high minded principle which eluded the nation for generations.

This largely symbolic gesture that at once satisfied a desire for change, however superficial, and at the same time a much more profound longing for a return to that shining city, enough of surges and bailouts, “all men are created equal” damn it. Tired of the messy, gritty reality of the 21st century, people wanted something new, a change of pace, just some finish line to cross. Senator Obama was elected on a liberal platform: end the wars, stimulate the economy, make healthcare affordable, and unite the country.

Though the New York Times and NBC will attempt to cast Barack Obama as the embattled idealist who in some magical way deserves to be remembered for talking about achieving these things, the people who paid attention for the last eight years will disagree. President Obama’s legacy will not be  “affordable healthcare,” world peace, “stopping the rise of the oceans,” or economic prosperity. The first black president will not even be remembered for improving race relations, a tragically ridiculous failure.

Rather, President Obama will be remembered for all of those stories which played for four hours from On the Record at seven to the end of Hannity at eleven on that poisonous network which he continues to blame for his shortcomings. The Obama legacy is ISIS and the destabilization of the Middle East; the mountainous national debt and the monstrosity, Obamacare; the construction of an Orwellian surveillance state, the lying mainstream media cartel, and of course, Donald J Trump. It is no coincidence that the cool grown up hippie from the South Side weaved his personal nightmare into reality by his own hands.

In his inaugural address, Obama praised the American people for choosing hope and unity over fear and discord; and now he will take to the stage tonight to “admonish” those same people for choosing, in his vision, the very opposite to solve the many problems which he leaves unsolved. In fact, Trump will be inaugurated by a country in the same position as it was eight years ago: War in Iraq, economic collapse, and anemic political efficacy. The “progressive” Barack Obama did not lead “The People” to progress but rather around in a circle, a vortex of one man’s personal requiem which consumed eight years of time, money, and lives.

Because Barack Obama was a fraud: A progressive who ran as a liberal, an agnostic who preached like a Christian, a Senator who lived in the White House. The Obama years will be remembered as a sham, a strange, lost time of unreality. He promised transparency and just eight years later knighted Hillary Clinton as the torch bearer of his legacy. He promised peace then authorized the bombing of more countries than George W Bush. He promised that the banksters who caused the Great Recession would be held accountable, then pushed a series of trade deals which sold American sovereignty to them.

He promised political unity but passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote. He promised racial unity and is now the most powerful cheerleader for Black Lives Matter. He promised national unity. Take a look at Barack Obama’s speech from twelve years ago at the Democratic National Convention in 2004; a young, humble man laying out a rhetorically magnificent, patriotic sonata of a 21st century American republic that rose to the occasion in its darkest hour. Speaking with conviction and awkwardly gesturing with his hands, endearingly unaccustomed to such a large stage, he made people believe in American Exceptionalism at a time when few did. Yet when the American people chose him to lead their nation, entrusting him with their lives and the futures of their children, he took every opportunity to sling mud at this country, its history, its people, its religion, and its Constitution.

Those dramatic appeals to dreamy passages form the Declaration of Independence were the result of political calculation. Barack Obama was no liberal in the spirit of Jefferson, but a progressive, a cultural Marxist with no spirit, no commitment to a principle beyond power. Beneath the prose which electrified that convention hall with the revolutionary inspiration of a fresh start for the land of the free laid no intention for action or for change, only the ancient lust for power. Senator Obama talked of the righteousness of an America of small business owners, President Obama snidely retorts from atop his throne, “you didn’t build that.” The long winded speeches with relatable stories and grand ideals were cold rhetorical carpet bombings on the gullible, war weary people of middle America.

This year, the American people didn’t fall for it. They didn’t elect Trump because of “fear” or “hate” or any other juvenile black cloud floating over the strange ether between Hollywood and Manhattan. Obama is laid to rest and Trump goes to Washington because 2016 was the year that the country stopped buying the bullshit. Eight years ago we were sold “the first African American President” and his hope and change; instead we got an immature Marxist from Indonesia hell bent on forcing his communist father’s ideology into law. It is a grand poetic justice that Barack Obama’s signature legislation will vanish within months, discarded atop the ash heap of history as a lie, just like the man whose name it bears.

Barack Obama will speak tonight, and it will be televised. It will trend on Twitter, it will dominate the news today and tomorrow; but the country won’t be listening. The President addresses the nation on January 2oth; and though Obama doesn’t leave the White House until then, he lost the American people a long time ago. Along with Lois Lerner,  Jonathon Gruber, James Clapper, Josh Koskinen, Kathleen Sebelius, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Hillary Clinton, the 44th President is cast off into the vast archives of history as a fraud. Farewell to Barack Obama.

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.

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