Democrats use of Nazi Tactics to gain supporters has backfired completely. People are showing that they don’t want to join their violent party.

Since the start of the 2016 election, Democrats have put violence and racism at the forefront of their message. Labeling all Trump Supporters as racists, misogynists, xenophobic and other random words doesn’t work. It only separates and divides an already divided country, created by the likes of President Obama.

When the Democrats encourage violence against those that they oppose, it again has the same affect. In Chicago a group of young democrats and liberals kidnapped a special-needs young man, tied him up, cut his clothes and tortured him based on his political beliefs. Liberals came out of the woodworks on social media to defend the actions of the terrorists.

The Democrats use of ‘Nazi Tactics’ to intimidate the opposing side and gain the support of like-minded people isn’t working. One of the main examples of it not working is the win of President Trump. People were tired of the bigotry and close-mindedness of the left and their policies.

Hitler would make speeches to the SA inciting acts of violence against Jews and left-wing political parties. We have people like Hillary Clinton saying that Donald Trump supporters are deplorables, in doing so it dehumanizes them making them ‘horrible entities’ labeled by the government.

The Nazis used propaganda to increase their support and appeal. They spent huge sums of money on newspapers, leaflets and poster campaigns with simple slogans encouraging people to support the party. Democrats have the media at their doorstep to spew their hateful rhetoric and fake news. In the DNC WikiLeaks we found out that journalists were working for the campaign.

So, what does this mean for the future of our country? Well, things may be better than you’d think. A Donald Trump presidency is the beginning of the change, with his influence and change we may never see a Democrat as President in our lifetimes.

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I'm Victor - Co-Founder of REGATED. I'll be uncovering the truth behind the corrupt and greedy political system we've been dealt.
  • mediaLOL (In the Basket)

    “A Donald Trump presidency is the beginning of the change, with his influence and change we may never see a Democrat as President in our lifetimes.”

    I pray that you are correct.