An overlooked WikiLeaks e-mail reveals Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report took orders from the Clinton Global Initiative to produce full episodes in April 2013. In the e-mail, Craig Minassian of CGI wrote to John Podesta, long-time Clinton ally and future chairman of her failed 2016 Presidential campaign, inquiring whether Podesta had seen any episodes made at the bequest of the CGI.

The Colbert Report was a powerhouse of Comedy Central with many millennials tuning in for Colbert’s personified conservative views and his take on U.S. news. The show had massive brand recognition which possibly explains why the CGI targeted it for custom episodes.

Say it ain't so, Colbert!

On his late-night show last night, Colbert aired a segment on “fake news” which blasted several alt-right conspiracy theories. Colbert addressed his implication in the WikiLeaks e-mails, patronizing viewers as he detailed the business aspect of the entertainment industry. Colbert explained the process by which they booked Bill Clinton for an interview and ended up in St. Louis.

Once again the media vilifies the sparsely populated extreme right — branding the minority as the majority — and covers for extreme, irrational leftists. Why am I not surprised? Rather than take a fair and balanced look at both sides of the issue, Colbert lambasted and mocked the right and ignored the ugly face the left has reared since November 8.

Colbert’s closing advice was arrogant and tone-deaf:

“…WikiLeaks, Alex Jones, and the Subreddit sub-geniuses… I mean this in the nicest way possible – grow the fuck up!”

That’s a shame, Stephen. Yes, ‘fake news’ is undoubtedly dangerous on both sides of the political spectrum. This includes ‘fake news’ about Hillary’s secret lesbian love affair with Huma alongside Trump’s faked fondness for mocking the disabled. But lumping WikiLeaks with Alex Jones and a subreddit is careless and wrong; it’s fake news itself. It’s fake news from the mouth of a man the CGI has purchased before.

With the Podesta E-mails, WikiLeaks gave American voters an investigative peephole into DC that the mainstream media refused to show. 2016 was the year citizens created their own investigative journalism. They parsed through WikiLeaks e-mails and read reputable alternative media sites. And yes, they do exist, no matter what CNN says. The same CNN that said it was illegal to read Wikileaks (more fake news).

Election day was a month ago and I’m still baffled at the media’s desperation to paint themselves as unsullied and squeaky clean. They carelessly lob the label of “fake news” against anyone with dissenting opinions or narratives. They attack the right but let the insane, irrational behavior of the left slide.

The sad part is – they still don’t get it. Even after the gratifying beatdown they took with Trump’s victory, the media still expects us to listen to them and turn against alternative “fake news” outlets. They want Americans to believe anything they say, despite a year of horrific embarrassment for the media class.

Rather than accept their bankrupted credibility the MSM pretends Americans are somehow misinformed about the media’s political collusion and failed propagandizing. They refuse to acknowledge their own faults that led to their industry-wide failure. They pretend that they can still control us.

But we won’t sway. Simply put, Trump’s victory was a great step in the right direction. Only focus and hard work will accomplish our goals. Anything else is bogus, especially if legacy media says so.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • Shocker Shocker Shocker….not at all. MORE BS on TV with the singular goal of manipulating the masses with biased, false and fake information in order to gain political control and running everyone’s lives. The left controls the media narrative and as such, has lost all credibility. They’ll never recover the trust of the informed.

    • BigDog40

      And in pockets of BLUE big cities, they are sooooo easy to manipulate.

      • Don Ziolkowski

        And how are you different? Are you some deeply critical thinking Genius protected from manipulation?

        Do you believe yourself superior and immune to buying into things like say a wall for 10 billion? Hillary locked up? Draining the swamp that results in establishment cabinet picks and no term limits?

        Tell me how did that kool aid taste? Did you suss out right away he’d never lock her up or build a wall or limit terms

        • Pedro

          Thomas Jefferson so pointedly said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

    • Don Ziolkowski

      the left controls the media, especially that huge leftist largest cable network, fox news. I mean they must be left, because otherwise your narrative of the left controlling the media while failing to control the largest media organization would be pretty farcical.

      • Pfft. Whatever ..Clinton got caught AGAIN..and now even Colbert got caught. The system’s rigged to blind the sheep. Stop drinking the kool aid. #TRUMP45 !!! Now call me a racist, homophobe, deplorable xenophobe please! Those lies dont work anymore obvi !

        • Don Ziolkowski

          Do you actually have a refutation or are you just going to call me a kool aid drinking sheep moments before you say don’t bother with insults.

          I haven’t insulted you, I’m asking you to defend your position that all main stream media is leftist in light of the largest provider of news in cable and radio being right wing. I’m crazy me asking that you provide evidence and defend and support your position and if you can’t to then change your mind in light of the evidence

          • Should I prove gravity too? Come on. Even liberals admit this yet you can’t. Proves my point. Thank you.

          • Samerica

            the evidence is in viewing the bias media every frickin nite!
            if you can’t tell the difference and you don’t seem to be
            able to maybe go back to school but then again today
            you’d just be brainwashed again by the leftist.

      • Mike0oSS

        I watched MSLSD this morning. I watched some FOX. Neither will bring up the fact that there is no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, nor Russian government hacking…just a “belief” in the presupposed “outcomes” of said Congressional investigations. Rep Pete King, etc were on talkng smack on MSLSD. FOX is nothing but a mouthpiece of it’s owners…the House of Saud. All the msm is laughable to me. They are all under the wraps of the N.D.A.A. and H. R. 5736. That legitimizes propaganda upon the average U.S. citizen, I see it everyday, all day long….don’t you? Maybe you should check your “sources” in the Pentagon and Langley…as they control the narrative now…legally, through your own Congressional actions.

        • Pedro

          Class, let us all say “Controlled Opposition” followed by three reps of “Psyops”.

    • Pedro

      Unplug from the sewer of MSM. Get to know your neighbors. Build up some local networks so you can tell the bureaucrats to get lost when they try to infringe on any of your Constitutional rights. Spend time cleaning your weapons. Plant a garden. So many things you can do besides wasting precious time with MSM. Even to condemn them.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    the lame slyme media’s attack on
    so called “fake news” is a very cruel comedy.
    i don’t know whether to retch, cry, or convulse.

    • Don Ziolkowski

      yea can you believe they call you anti muslim The Ahmed Clock Company avatar of ticking time bomb? I mean it’s absolutely absurd……

      • Can you believe they call you sheep? Sheeps words like that have lost all meaning as you guys would call your moms that if they think differently than you. #Trump45

        • Don Ziolkowski

          You’ve completely missed the point.

          If you don’t want to be labeled a bigot, don’t literally name yourself a stereotype.

          It’s like if i Took a picture of myself in a white sheet and named myself white is right and then got outraged when people said i was a racist.

          You can’t control how people interpret your message but you can control the message.

          If your wondering why trump supporters are labeled bigots it’s because when given the entire English language to name themselves with and every pic in the world you choose those.

          It’s not a mystery, it’s you, your personally to blame. You could do better and instead you legitimized the view of the left.

          Nice job

          • Haha

          • Mike0oSS

            So, your trying to tell me most conservatives are illiterate…by a bunch of LybTarDs? I love it when a few LybTardS get agitated with me on these forums…they always assume they “know” me and label me instantly. My reply to them is,” Have we met”? “Do you know me”? It’s hilarious the “links” they will go to in their efforts to label me. I play along till I’m bored. Most of us are somewhat “edjicated” here…I just play a role.

          • Don Ziolkowski

            No i’m trying to tell you when you call your political opposition LybTardS it’s maybe time to think “well if i’ll happily engage in stereotyping, if i’ll denegrate an entire group of millions of people and call them all retarded because of this thing. If i’ll engage in trying to make millions and millions of people into monsters and say that your all bad and wrong and evil because you hold a view that’s different than mine and your part of that group, not this group.

            MAYBE you shouldn’t be surprised when people go SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STEREOTYPING ASSHOLE, stop trying to delegitimize me, to say, not only am I wrong, but i’m such a bad and horrible and dumb and whatever person, my views can’t even be entertained.

            I’m not saying your Hitler, because your not Hitler, Hitler was far worse in what he actually did. HOWEVER in how his methods of denegrating an entire group into the other and then saying, these people aren’t even worthy of humanity. Your totally Hitler. You can’t honestly look at yourself and see the way you treat and view liberals and the way Hitler treated and viewed jews as different and heres the thing. THAT’S A FUCKING PROBLEM.

          • Mike0oSS

            I think it’s funny as hell to read a multiparagraph reply from a LybTarD that perfectly in alignment with my overall assumption that liBerAliSm is a MenTal Disorder….LybTarD…now, got any new names to call me punkin? You’re a joke, no your views should not be “entertained”…they are a DRAG

          • Pedro

            Well said, Don.

    • Pedro

      It is so criminal it may require all three…

  • Lusael Merlin

    So sad that peeps still believe in this corporate catch the bigot swill.I was Star Trek multicultural but Islam s political sadism has changed it all for me. They are setting us up traitors they will go with the elite in underground worlds while we die.

  • JonathanBurke

    “Colbert Report Took Orders From Clinton Global Initiative”
    —Seriously, is ANYBODY surprised ??????


    • Don Ziolkowski

      you realize how that itself is actually pretty racist right? That’s not colbert in that image. It’s a play on words, it’s saying that colbert acts like a buffon and is right wing and that’s like acting like a buffon and pretending to be black. However saying that the right is basically equivalent to 1920’s black americans is, well yea that’s pretty retarded. So good job fitting the mold?

      • Samerica

        your not pretty but you are retarded.

    • Samerica

      great comment and the O’Reilly clip attached. Colburp sucks.

      • Pedro

        What about O’Reilly? What is your take on that pompous windbag?

  • RolloMartins

    Trump’s fondness for mocking a disabled reporter…that is not classified as fake news. We all saw him do it. That was *real* news. You cannot even differentiate between the two anymore?

  • James Buffalo

    Wikileaks is silenced and Assange MIA. Here we go again, back to the dark ages.

  • Samerica

    Not a shock! If you watch and I don’t but one nite after a college football game I
    flipped thru channels and every one of the late nite shows were doing anti Trump
    anti american anti right propaganda ‘jokes’ and lies in their openings! It is amazing
    younger people are so dumb and brainwashed to just believe all these rich leftist
    and bias media! Have they not witnessed the failure of BO the last 8 years? Have
    they not seen and heard all the scandals and corruption and lies of the demoncraps?
    the list goes on and on! younger people are so brainwashed and dumb downed
    by all the technology and facebook and twitter they can’t think for themselves!

    • No, they cannot (think for themselves). Which makes our job even harder. How do you get through to a young millennial or even an older flaming liberal? The answer, IMHO, is simple. It’s called PAIN. Until they feel the pain of their misguided beliefs implemented and dropped on their heads, they will never change their minds.

      Take Obamacare as just one example. Even though it raised virtually everyone’s premiums and deductibles sky high they still support Obama to the bitter end. The reason Trump won is that former Democrat voters who have been FEELING THE PAIN of being out of work for months and even years finally said ENOUGH! and switched from Democrat to Republican.

      The only question that remains is how much pain will it take to convince hardcore ideologues that their Utopian paradise does not, nor ever will, exist. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Suck it up, grow up, get a job and join the human race.

    • Pedro

      Samerica, as a former teacher, you need to hold the government (not public) schools responsible for so much illiteracy and incredible simple-mindedness of the masses in the united States of America. More time is spent coddling the future criminals and welfare-bound of the country than teaching any student anything resembling reading, writing and arithmetic (or civics like the U. S. Constitution).

  • Jay Dillon

    Comedians who branch out into actual political shenanigans doom themselves. Same with musicians, poets, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

  • TrueConservative
  • Jason

    This article proves itself to be lying by citing the Colbert report Youtube video in which Colbert not only addresses but also highlights and zooms in on the line in the email about the “two special episodes.” That is the opposite of “conveniently ignoring” as falsely claimed by the writer of this article, whose primary qualifications seem to be having voted for Obama. Watch the video, this site is just clickbait.