The American welfare system has failed. But why, you’re asking? The answer: when food stamps can be used to buy sodas and junk food from the 7/11 gas station just half a mile from your trailer park, we have a problem.

“Wait! But that is government’s fault for not making corporations operate in my neighbor.”

Well, sorry that you live in a food desert.

Any general welfare programs  counteract against the free market system that runs the global, national, state, and local economies that we exploit, daily. Hearkening back to economics class, a free market must, naturally, correct itself to accommodate growing populations and government regulations. Thus, the interference of the regulations and governmental influence strains the free market and it must correct itself with losers and winners.

In this scenario, the winners would be the government for garnering growth and the losers would be the very poor people that welfare was intended to help. This creates a problem; however, what is the solution to said problem?

Like I mentioned prior, economies have varying factors to adapt to, like population growth and governmental regulation. Considering the outcomes of population control, I advise against that because everyone has the right to live a full and fulfilling life in the free market society we find ourselves in. The government regulation and policies, only remain.

Because of the post-election environment the United States is currently facing, fiscal sanity and responsibility have been atop the minds of all Americans. Having to look to our elected officials at the state and federal levels for answers, the dawning of President-elect Donald Trump’s reform era puts a lame duck congress, even though Republican held, on it’s heals. As like any push to hold leaders accountable, millions of Americans citizens have seen through the facade of welfare and mother government’s kindness. Like those concerned citizens, I am seeking answers to the elephant in the room: keeping the poor, poorer.

The Reality of the Situation.

Getting past the rhetoric, the intention of any welfare program should be to provide resources to the poorest ff the poor to learn and grow how to advance in the economy without the government.

For limited amounts of time, a welfare program should bestow onto people the bare necessities. It should compel poor people to go out and get a job, purchase what they need to live, and work to sustaining themselves and their families.

Adding to that, any welfare program, in general, should not be so “giving” because of the truth that people will grow accustomed to the handouts. Currently, welfare programs are determined by need, based on parameters like the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), average household incomes (gross and or net), disability requirements, whether you have children, and a plethora of other things. However, where the problem occurs is that the individuals that are brought onto welfare, as mentioned prior, are not given incentive to get off welfare.

To begin to address this paradigm, beneficiaries of several welfare programs can earn more in state sponsored benefits versus actually going out and getting  jobs that require basic skilled and unskilled labor. With this being the case, why would anyone want to give up such a benefit?

This is the principled problem. Due to the state of the system, people are kept dependent because of the high level of benefits given to a select few million citizens of the population. People won’t go out and find a job and/or not realize their fullest potential.

We need reforms, desperately.

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Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady is a political journalist and part time muckraker based in Colorado. In addition, he a is political strategist and policy analyst working with some of the foremost conservative politicians in state and national politics. He focuses predominately on conservative solutions to public policy and the art of conservative electioneering. His work has been featured, republished, or cited in several publications across the nation including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, the New York Post, The Denver Post, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and policy publications for one America's leading free-market, libertarian think tanks.

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  • disqus_HLLNvo67Mw

    The problem for me is the earnings cap for health care coverage. Go a few bucks north of the cap and the changes in coverage cause me many bucks in out of pocket expense. It’s also difficult to get the detail on how remunerative my additional employment would have to be since the increased expense is couched in a bureaucratic morass of information. One practically needs a barrister to derive this amount of increase. Without some definite figures it’s difficult to sight a target field of employment.
    I’m 65 now and on Medicare. I work part time in counseling and receive Social Security Retirement benefits. Because of low income the State of California/MediCal pays the $121.80 monthly Medicare premium, which would otherwise be deducted from my SSR benefits. Next month the premium rises to $136.00. Low income status also exempts me from deductibles and copays, except for outpatient prescriptions (Part D).
    I’m currently taking certification courses in a better paying field to maximize my income when I make the full time jump, but I’m still not certain what it’ll be like when I land. Of course I’m still paying into the system too as a statutory employee. If there were truly a “single payer” system I could jump earlier and be paying more into that system also.

    • Samerica

      i hear you brother! another story of those hard working americans screwed!

  • Samerica

    and yet millions like myself who have worked hard all our lives and lost our jobs and
    savings and retirement and healthcare and working for 1/2 our salary and hardly
    able to pay food rent clothes insurance are denied the benefits we paid into the
    system which all the right and leftist politicians promised we would receive when
    needed! because now they have millions who live on welfare foodstamps and
    other benefits and make more than 50,000 a year and illegals getting our benefits!
    and they expect us to believe we will receive our SS AND MEDICARE? HELL NO!
    please Trump cut off all the illegals and leeches and give us our benefits we deserve!