And Trump is Literally Hitler.

In a moronic “review” for Season 2 of The Man In The High Castle, Amazon’s acclaimed series set in an alternate history where Japan and Nazi Germany won World War II, The Verge writer Adi Robinson says the show’s second season falters because it doesn’t seem as politically relevant as her leftist brain perceives it to be.

Arguing that the next four years will see a transformation of the United States into a genocidal warmongering totalitarian state directly comparable to fucking Nazi Germany, Robinson writes:

The Man in the High Castle seemed like the perfect TV show for dark times. For anyone worried that the next four years will herald a crackdown on civil liberties or the empowerment of groups who believe only certain lives have value, Amazon’s alternate-history drama gave us a group of people trying to survive a world that seemed truly hopeless.

For those who don’t watch the show, it is set in the former United States which has been divided into the western Japanese Pacific States and the eastern Greater Nazi Reich. In both puppet states, ordinary citizens face extraordinary oppression and Kafkaesque lives of industrial servitude. An overarching theme of the series is the struggle of the repressed for liberty and freedom; the second season even features characters daring to oppose the strict social order of the Germans, showing how oppression can come not only from the State but a radical thought-policing society as well. Robinson apparently missed this motif, instead arguing that the show fails to portray a black and white struggle of progressive good vs conservative evil.

Perhaps the current trend of regressives outperforming themselves in their effort to ruin literally everything will end with fruition for them, and the Democrats will pull off victories in 2018 and 2020. More likely, they will get slaughtered by everyday people who ironically probably agree with them on many issues, but are worn down by their endless proselytizing and elitism. Hell, even liberal shows are tanking: proven propagandist and DNC operative Stephen Colbert’s show is tanking so quickly there are rumors CBS may replace him.

Turns out no matter what side you’re on in politics, Americans don’t appreciate being told what to think by men in suits. There’s something the American people and the protagonists of Man In The High Castle have in common.

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Robert Powell

Robert Powell is a young writer from Appalachia. His life in a region of America that is both historically poor and politically corrupt, while simultaneously mesmerizing in its beauty and unique in its traditional culture, gives him an unusual perspective that dares to refute his generation's trend of mindless regressivism and identity politics.
  • Alice-Annette Schultz

    To the writer of this piece of crap; put the pipe down and get a good night’s sleep before you try to write anything again. You have no idea how ignorant you truly sound!

    • Mike0oSS

      Don’t even try to gelp them. They know nothing better, having lived the last 8 years in kindergarten.

  • Mike0oSS

    I could only wish it were true. This barnyard excrement needs a good dose of fascism just to bring these psychologically impaired millennials into reality. Oh Yeah…Don’s gonna round us all up and throw us in an oven…..yep an oven called the U.S. economy which will outperform any country on the face of the Earth given half a chance. I can’t wait to jump in!!

  • Samerica

    This idea was done already by HBO in 90’s when they still made great movies!
    Fatherland with Rutger Hauer! A great movie! Germany won the war and started
    Germania but they hid the Holocaust from the world and it’s own people until a
    US reporter and German officer [Hauer] discover the truth during a murder
    investigation and the nazis are after them to keep quiet. A great nazi thriller
    for classic movie fans and for all the leftist brainwashed braindead out there!
    sorry no potty humor, bad animation, CGI, blood and gore or stupid sex scenes
    just great writing, directing, acting which most Hollyweird movies don’t have now.