Even before being inaugurated, President Trump is making good on his promise of fighting for American workers.

This week, Carrier and Trump announced a deal that saved one thousand jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana from moving to Mexico.

Remember: Obama ran on hope and change.

If it was as easy as personally phoning the CEO of a company and striking negotiation to keep production in the U.S. was Obama ever really fighting for American workers? Under Obama, jobs have moved overseas en masse. Instead of protecting American jobs, Obama has allowed the further gutting of our country’s heartland. Under Obama, manufacturing jobs diminished. Under Trump, we have an actual shot of keeping our production and manufacturing in America. Unlike Obama’s phony promises, Trump has shown “America First” is not a promise – but an attitude, seemingly the attitude of his entire administration.

What will it take to placate the mainstream media and the liberal left? They scream and whine that Trump was “taken hostage” by Carrier, caving in to the corporation’s demands and incentives. Liberals and pundits aren’t afraid to bring up the fringe group that rallied negatively toward Obama’s win in 2008 and 2012. The mainstream media denounced and vilified the protesters against Obama but instead support and echo the sentiment of “#NotMyPresident” Trump protesters.

This media-driven echo chamber is part of the reason why liberals will never be content with a President Trump – no matter what.

To combat against the conservative, right echo chamber that’s so easy to fall into, I will say that Carrier’s incentives are being funded by taxpayer dollars. Some view the very notion of that as egregious – another case of fascist, buffoon Trump. Personally, I’m thrilled to see our tax dollars going to revitalize and re-energize American jobs and the economy, two of our country’s most ailing sectors. To re-build, we will most certainly have to invest and that’s exactly what Trump is doing with the Carrier deal.

Without a doubt, people showed their ass reacting to Obama’s victories – they were a part of an extreme, fringe group; not the majority. Similar to how the violent, narrow-minded sect of liberals screaming violence and hate are part of an extreme, fringe part of the democrats; not the majority. With the mainstream media focusing on and echoing the sentiment of the hateful, fringe group of liberals refusing to accept Trump as president, they play a dangerous game they know all too well.

The mainstream media wants to divide us.

With their brand of skewed, untrue fake news befitting to the narrative-of-the-day, they aim to divide and conquer. Waging an all-out war on anything President-Elect Trump does, the Carrier deal was expected to be sullied and dragged through the mud by a determined and unrelenting anti-Trump media. Whether or not you take the flunky mainstream media’s bait and run with their take of events is entirely up to you.

Whether the mainstream media likes it or not, Trump is proving he’s willing to fight and win for the American people – something Obama seemed to be unable (or unwilling) to do.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • Roberto Fiad

    If Trump has God with him, if Trump has the American people (or enough of us) with him — let’s help him trample the media and the Dems too.

  • Martha Youngblood Handley


  • Samerica

    Trump has created more jobs than BO did in 8 years and not even in office yet but
    the leftist and bias media continue to bash Trump with lies and propaganda! The
    only jobs BO and demos created was tax payer govt and leftist agencies that do
    and created nothing but high pay with benefits and nothing but higher taxes
    and fees and regulations that kill real jobs! It’s such a joke but it’s not funny to
    those of us who lost their jobs insurance savings retirement and still can’t get the
    benefits we deserve and pay into so they can payoff the lazy and illegals for votes!

  • sherlockzz

    Tax relief is not corporate welfare. Letting Carrier keep more of the money it earns is not the same as giving taxpayer money to companies that don’t earn any money… like Solyndra or Tesla.