What happens when everywhere you look, you always see the same opinions, voiced by different people? Depends who you ask. Since the beginning of the primary elections it was clear that the strategy of the Democrats was to win by bombarding public opinion with exactly what they wanted them to hear. This was particularly apparent during the general election, when virtually all media companies appeared to be pushing one uniform opinion day after day. The strategy was to inundate the public opinion by cherry-picking sound bites to promote the Clinton campaign, however after repeated exposure the strategy backfired, turning most Americans against their once trusted news sources.

In the past, many media sources have at least attempted to remain neutral partisan, at least on the surface. Of course partisan pundits were invited onto most programs, but the sources themselves tried to maintain a relative level of integrity. That all went down the drain quickly over the past year and a half. The news media, both television and print, abdicated their responsibility to inform the public and instead united in their focus on defeating one common enemy: Donald Trump. At all costs, it was their mission to influence the public’s opinion of Trump, making sure it was as negative as possible.

It sounded like a great strategy. Only put negative things on display, eventually people will just automatically have a negative opinion of him. However after repeated exposure to negativity, many rational thinking members of the electorate started questioning why they never saw anything positive. The media’s plan was to have them assume that there just wasn’t anything positive to report, however with access to alternative media voters were exposed to a broader spectrum of information and able to truly have more informed opinions. Many people became mistrustful of the mainstream media as a result. Perhaps the source who did the most damage to themselves was CNN. Once a largely trusted oasis of information for all things political and otherwise, CNN gave into the partisan slant and started an all out assault on not only Donald Trump, but supporters of his. With pundits like Van Jones and Sally Kohn accusing everyone of their -ism of the week, and hosts like Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Brooke Baldwin, Carol Costello, and most of the others throwing objectivity out the window and showing a clear belief in one line of thinking, CNN killed any credibility they had worked to establish.

As it turns out, CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, was one of the top donors to the Clinton campaign. And this was only the most legitimate of the media’s entanglement with the DNC. Wikileaks revealed that ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and many other “news” sources had been in secret collusion with the Democratic party and, more specifically, the Clinton team. This revelation further diminished the public’s opinion of the media and eviscerated any credibility they had left. For God’s sake ABC anchor Martha Raddatz teared up on the air when announcing Trump’s apparent victory on election night. The people had, for the most part, had enough, and began looking for their news elsewhere. This gave rise to alternative media sites, such as InfoWars, Breitbart, and sites just like our own right here, where readers have come to take refuge from the constant bombardment of far left “news”.

With their loss being our gain, many voters were exposed to points of view that they had never really considered before. While some sites are admittedly partisan and had some bias of their own, they were still embraced for the sole fact that they are not the mainstream media. Trump found a way to capitalize on their success, inviting Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon to join his campaign staff and keep the playing field at least a little bit more level. This helped influence the voters’ confidence that Trump was working in their favor. He wanted them to have the information access so that they could make opinions on their own instead of doing whatever the traditional media commanded, and people respected him for that.

Journalism and media as we once knew it are dead. It is clear that the traditional news sources are no longer interested in participating in true investigative journalism and instead lazily regurgitate tabloid headlines without doing any discovery of their own. They are playing an extremely dangerous game by fabricating news stories, and truly are the primary reason this country is as divided as it is right now. Fortunately there is hope for the future. With alternative media gaining traction on the world stage people have access to proper news coverage, perhaps for the first time ever.

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  • Louis Marschalko

    Donald Trump won a clear majority of the votes in 8 out of 10 counties in the United.

    • patricia


    • Samerica

      great shirt. Hellary didn’t even win the entire state of California with voter fraud.

  • mediaLOL (In the Basket)

    We the people must keep control of our governance, and that includes ensuring the free flow of information on the internet. This was the internet election and revolution. Censorship and control must be defeated. Discourse and disagreements are symptoms of a healthy society.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    i agree with this story.

    media slant is certainly a thing,
    but what took place during this election
    was simply beyond shameless.

    with the exception of watching the debates live,
    none of my news consumption had anything to do
    with lame slyme media outlets.

  • Mike0oSS

    Now this is a opinion piece that I can read and give some credence to. At least it is a well written critique of the msm.

  • Samerica

    but the bias leftist media like CNN and MSNBC are trying to pretend they are now
    fair and honest by taking shots at Hellary! don’t fall for their crap now! boycott!

  • Kurt King

    Yes, the media lost a huge amount of credibility, because they never addressed the real issues, and always pushed strawmen, changing them frequently as they became worn out. Their overriding one was that Hillary was actually popular and winning the popular vote. The real issue was that that was totally false – and many people could understand.

    The Clinton Foundation’s own strategist and pollster, Benenson Strategy Group, documented her support in three weekly polls ending Sept 30, Oct 7 and Oct 13 report which showed her solid support dropping by about 10% per week from 33 to 13% by 10/13
    [see at rense dot com/general96/hillaryagenda.pdf].

    So by Nov 8 her real popularity was probably nowhere near the MSM 47% but deep in the single digits – everywhere. You can know it was never good for her when Trump was pulling in thousands to his rallies and she tens.

    Throughout the campaign her confidence was high because she knew that most of the vote counting was by GEMS-rigged software which would count Trump’s votes at about one-third to one and hers at about three to one. This was exemplified in the Detroit recount when a batch of her ballots was counted six times as large. That discovered trick is what killed the whole Michigan recount.