Matthew Lasner and husband Daniel Goldstein tracked down, chased and verbally abused Ivanka Trump as her three little kids watched in horror.

We’ve learned during this election when Democrats don’t get their way they go to extremes. In this case, Dan Goldstein, a Brooklyn attorney and his husband Matthew Lasner a professor at Hunter College went to the extreme.

The couple got word that the President-elect’s daughter would also be on their flight. They then dashed to the scene and began verbally abusing Ivanka Trump, her husband and three children who watched in horror.

While the ‘aggressive’ verbal abuse took place Ivanka paid zero attention and tried to preoccupy her children as the abuse was happening. The crew eventually forced the couple off the flight.

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  • Lauren Lindborg Caddo

    I wouldn’t fly commercial I were her!

  • Jan Swoveland

    Gay rights do NOT include harassing others.

    • irina

      As I understand, nobody harassed gays, but gays decided to attack a family with 3 children, just because gays knew that that family had different political believes. This is on the level of crime. I am glad gays were dealt with. Shame on you, men!

      • Lady MAGA

        They have no manhood left. -Mad Dog

    • Samerica

      there can’t be gay rights since there is no such thing as GAY! it’s made up!

    • SuYu

      Gay Rights mean they can do anything they damn well please!

  • David Suarez

    Arsehole monkeys who ‘d have guessed !

  • Guardian’s Quitter

    Imagine the outcry in the MSM if this were Chelsea Clinton getting hassled by Trump supporters.

    • Hoax & Chains!

      Yes but it would never happen. It’s only the left who are violent, who kill police, who shout pigs in a blanket fry like bacon, who view everyone through the lens of race, who incite riots and destroy hundreds of millions of dollars in private property and who would respect a lying criminal dirt bag Traitor who as sec of state allowed the sale of 20% of US uranium to Russia for a couple of hundred million dollars in bribes!!!

  • Crap Hatter

    Don’t forget to press the recommend…

    • Guardian’s Quitter

      Nag, nag, nag.

    • John Brexiteer

      No one bothers with the recommends… *sighs*

  • John Brexiteer

    Ah, the intolerant sore losing left at play.

  • Crap Hatter
  • wycombewanderer

    No doubt their employers will get wind of this and do fuck all about it.

  • Jeff Jones

    Sociopath fagots…that’s a bundle of dicks,i mean sticks.

    • incognito

      Right the 1st time

  • John Brexiteer
  • doc12345

    The coward erased his Twitter account.
    But he still has his website up…

  • implied author

    At least there are still some brave men in the world left, here’s two men who have no fear in taking on a woman and her small children.

    • Jen The Blue

      Men? Men don’t marry other men.

    • Samerica

      typical leftist gays! there wouldn’t dare confront a man like this!

    • incognito

      Your a IDIOT!! That’s not how “BRAVE MEN” behave..that’s how little ASSHOLES Wussies behave, brave men are FIGHTING in the middle East , PROTECTING other people’s rights..THATS BRAVE!! These twats are not doing anything good for anyone..least of all “their kid” or Ivanka Trump’s 3 kids…Your ignorant MORON like they are..

  • Cooperwa

    I want to know why there weren’t any “gentlemen” on the flight standing up to these 2 flaming fudge packers. Don’t wait for a stewardess, tell them to shut up or else your’e going to knock their teeth down their throats.

  • Vicky O’Dell

    What they felt that they should have remained on the flight? Should have thrown them off in med-flight without a parashoot.

  • mtim2474

    The “tolerant” left seems not very tolerant…

    • SuYu

      as usual

  • Hoax & Chains!

    This is America and the Alt Far Left have the right to be incessantly DISGUSTING! At least they kicked the slimeballs off the plane.

  • Kerry Weston

    Ivanka is a classy, smart gal. Fortunately she can see these idiots for what they are.

  • kayakbob

    What is more disturbing than the action of these two so-called “men” is that they were not confronted by someone sitting nearby. This 35 year old mother, with 3 children in tow, has to sit there a take it? Seriously?

    (No I wasn’t referring to their sexual orientation. Those are the actions of bitter, whiny little children that simply got older, not grown “men”.)

  • aliswell

    When you operate on the predication that homosexuality is “normal,” expect the rest of your character to be equally perverse.

  • Mike0oSS

    Where is the secret service?

  • Jackie

    Those guys, or should I refer to them as “gays,” are like most liberals, INTOLERANT of the right, conservatives and Christians/Jews. Ivanka is a classy lady like her Father. She displayed that on the flight when she and her children were subjected to verbal abuse.

  • Samerica

    when I heard this story I said typical leftist cry babys now i say typical leftist GAY
    cry babys! my husband? HE’S NOT YOUR FING HUSBAND HE’S A GUY! HE
    HAS BALLS AND A THING BETWEEN HIS LEGS! more proof the left is fing insane.

  • lynney62

    Your headline is a disgrace. He did not “chase” her anywhere….He harassed her while she was sitting in her seat….Geez……Some websites will do anything to get traffic!

  • Bruce Allmighty

    That chicken necked pansy deleted his twitter account. I could have sworn I heard echoes of him screaming “run awwwwwaaaaayyyyy”