Over the past weeks, I’ve touched on how deplorable the mainstream media became since Trump’s victory. I commented that their use of the “Fake News” label is both dangerous and stupid. The mainstream media’s “Russian hacker” narrative, however, takes the cake.

Since Jill Stein’s recount bid failed to nullify Trump’s win, the mainstream media is now full-speed ahead and shameless:

“Russian hackers influenced the election and fake news propagated the Russian narrative to ensure a Trump victory,” they claim.

It’s not hard to find sources claiming cold, damning evidence of Russian interference on the 2016 election. The reality is that no matter how many articles you sift through, you will find no direct evidence of Russian influence. The mainstream media instead offers only circumstantial evidence looped together to provide context to back up what they’re saying as fact. From there, democrats and liberals ignorantly parrot and shout the false narrative – giving it even more “credibility” and reach.

There is no direct or verifiable proof of Russian tampering.

That doesn’t stop the mainstream media from reporting otherwise. The “CIA” concluded that Russia helped Trump win by influencing the election, offering no real evidence. Don’t worry, the CIA is in “high confidence” of their conclusion – that means they don’t need any proof, right? When the FBI came out to say they did not agree or corroborate the CIA’s claim, the mainstream media was quick to label the FBI themselves as part of the Russian plot.

Obama didn't seem tI’m stupefied at the sheer hypocrisy. The fact the mainstream media believes they still have credibility staggers the mind. Talking head pundits, devoid of integrity, tell us what we must believe. Even after their incredibly biased and slanted reporting of the 2016 election, they pretend they are arbiters of ‘truthiness’. The mainstream media posits the “Russian hacker” narrative while ignoring one vital factor:

The U.S. is notorious for influencing foreign elections.

HuffPo, a liberal-friendly source, has compiled a great list of instances the U.S. has influenced foreign elections. Honduras, Iran, Afghanistan; the list stretches on. Most recently, Obama warned of the dangers of Brexit to the British. What more could you do to influence an election besides directly speaking to voters and telling them how to vote?

Again, the hypocrisy is staggering. We’ve had a role in coups, regime changes, meddling in foreign elections; yet Russia is the bad guy? To even accuse another country of foreign election meddling should cause us to look introspectively at our country’s past. But because half our country (Democrats) can’t take personal responsibility, our country won’t admit our own global misdeeds.

In response to Russian influence and fake news, Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) pushed the “Portman/Murphy” bill through the Senate. The goal was to “counter foreign Government propaganda and disinformation”.

A large part of this legislation allows funds and grants be given to Non-Governmental Organizations. These NGOs would identify, analyze, and counter foreign propaganda and misinformation. The bill also increases “authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to expose foreign disinformation” and “proactively advance fact-based narratives”. If it sounds vague and Orwellian to you, you’re not alone. Considering how corrupt, exposed, and unethical the U.S. government was in 2016, giving them more unspecified power and reach doesn’t sound like “advancing fact-based narratives”; it sounds like building an empire on false narratives and fake news – untruths reining supreme.

Leftists, democrats, and the mainstream media have been so willing to ignore the reality that doesn’t suite their narrative. No more.

Democrats and liberals willfully stick their head in the sand over the blatant collusion between media outlets and Clinton’s camp. They ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton’s personal home server got breached several times by foreign agents. They ignore that if Vladimir Putin really wanted to influence our election, he’d only need to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Democrats even ignore that under Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the U.S. sold 20% of its uranium to Russia!

It’s time to hold your party accountable and stop projecting, leftists. Your sins are not everyone’s sins.

Under any scrutiny, the media’s “Russian hacker” narrative doesn’t hold up. With the shady history of foreign meddling the U.S. itself has, no serious accusations should come from us without solid and real evidence – of which there is none. Flailing and languishing, the mainstream media drives a false narrative – the original owner of fake news – as fact. Operating as though it were still the Cold War, they blame the “Russian hacker” boogeymen for their own faults and the democratic defeat in the 2016 election. The answers to the democrats woes and questions as to how they could’ve possibly lost stare them plainly in the face:

Don’t run the most corrupt and scandalous candidate ever and you might win next time!

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • dareIsay

    very good article

  • Samerica

    the same kind of fake phony evidence from the same fake phony scientist who
    gave us GLOBAL WARMING? I MEAN CLIMATE CHANGE! the bias media
    would not even report this if HELLARY HAD WON! why don’t they do some real
    AND NEW MEXICO AND SAN FAGCISCO ETC…????????????????????????

  • Leonid Zolotarev

    Left-wing media would do everything possible to weaken Trump, even before he takes the oath. I have a feeling that their main goal is to force Congress to impeach Trump when all their attempts to crush him prove to be futile. Unfortunately, there are some congressmen and senators, mostly senators, who still hold grudge against Trump and could unite with democrats to make Trump’s life in Washington unbearable. The citizens in the districts where these anti-Trumpers serve should be prepared to initiate their recall if it becomes obvious that they are working against the interest of the American people.

  • Mike0oSS

    This nonsense maybe having a negative effect on our “Democracy”..but it’s making the Russian government look pretty good and stable.