The U.S. Electoral College met today and confirmed Trump’s victory. Over this past weekend, Politico reported angry phone calls, hate mail, and even death threats aimed at electors. This obvious ploy to sway electors from voting for Trump failed.

The Democratic Party’s attempt at a coup failed.

Trump’s victory reflected the voice of the American people, no matter who spins otherwise. Forget whatever a bunch of D-list celebrities said to a camera, November 8th’s vote gave millions of silent Americans a voice in saying “No” to the status quo.

It’s assuring to see that the members of the Electoral College understand their role in reflecting the nation’s mood. They endured personal harassment and even a mainstream media blitz of “Fake News” meant to sway their votes.

December 19 was long-awaited because it is a crux of meeting points. Both sides, the ardent anti-Trumpers and defiant Trump supporters knew one of the competing presidential movements would capitulate on this day.

Trump won 304 of 538 possible votes, well beyond the 270 required.

The Electoral College upheld the will of Americans.

It’s hard to parse all possible forces behind-the-scenes working to push Trump out. No matter who they were or what they tried, they failed — period. Amidst the liberal, Democratic Party revolt against Trump, the Electoral College stood tall and backed down to no threats or intimidation. I cannot overstate my appreciation and gratitude for the electors.

An oft-repeated talking point from the mainstream media encircled “faithless electors” which they claimed could swing the college’s vote from Trump to Clinton.

Because the lamestream media lies, the opposite came true. Ron Paul and John Kasich both got one vote each from Texas electors. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton lost 4 electoral votes in Washington. Three votes went for Colin Powell, and one vote went for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Imagine that, the mainstream media wrong… again! 

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.