While election deniers run amok with accusations of riggery or Russian hacking, I have grinned for weeks on post-election bliss.

I feel so uplifted, optimistic, and energized by a Trump presidency. And I’m not alone. The markets are on fire. CNBC reports “The election of Donald Trump has brought with it a surge in optimism in the United States over the economy and stocks not seen in years.”

Trump is already fulfilling campaign promises. Apple may produce iPhones stateside. Carrier and Trump forged a deal to save US jobs which Huffington Post called “Mildly popular”. Obama’s magic wand gaffe made him look even more useless.

But too many leftists won’t stop crying and denying. They’re literally shaking, faking hate crimes, or attacking Trump supporters in broad daylight. They’re election deniers.

For this past month the collective psychotic break among butthurt leftists fascinated me.

Leftists are unable to compute the reality that they lost. They continue to blame white supremacy, Putin, the FBI, or ‘fake news’. They throw millions of dollars at Jill Stein’s recount without hope of refund or reversal of results.

Democratic leadership is in shambles. Nancy Pelosi somehow kept her leadership role among House Democrats. The next DNC chair might be Keith Ellison of Minnesota who wants an all-black country segregated from and paid for by white Americans. Would I get a quarter-Chinese part Mexican mostly White discount?

Hillary’s fate is even funnier. Hillary was exiled to a sort of tortuous irrelevance laced with fake ‘hiking selfies’ with ‘strangers’ she’s met before. Or we see Hillary in a grocery store selfie with a public relations friend posing as a ‘stranger’. As if!

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Smug doofus and arrogant mansplainer Obama just ordered a review of “Russian election-related hacking” without any evidence whatsoever that Russia did anything nefarious to affect the election.

Obama doesn’t consider that if Russia somehow affected the election — they did so under Obama’s reign which only makes him a bigger failure. Are we supposed to believe our Democratic President can’t secure our country’s most sacred act of voting? And that we should continue his legacy of failed national security with Hillary’s dream of a hemispheric common market?

Trump’s win gave leftists the bitch slap they’ve deserved for decades.

Atlas didn’t just shrug, he pissed all over the DNC before curb stomping CNN and skinning political correctness alive. The political class is dead. The makers and doers and experts are descending on Washington to drain the swamp.

But to the election deniers I say, “Never change!” This tiny sampling of your cringe inducing party pooping is hopefully only the beginning.

Your stupidity is growing my party’s base. Your insanity is why liberal friends of mine confide privately that they regret voting for Hillary. One called it a “moral crisis” she “couldn’t shake for weeks” as she saw the riots and broken windows in Portland.

I look forward to inauguration day. I expect an epic war between Bikers for Trump and whichever insane social justice warriors actually heed Michael Moore’s call for inauguration violence. A symbolic conflict so juicy even George R.R. Martin would blush. Just imagine, a 250 LB biker chic named Butch Banshee suppressing a 145 LB gender queer waif from Wesleyan as Trump accepts his presidency.

What better symbolism for the new Trump era than that?

  • JSpicoli

    Bravo Sir. Well put.

  • gbonkers666

    Shh….just sit back, pop open an adult beverage…and just enjoy…

  • ivca56

    Love the article and the wit with which it was written. Good to look at the current situation from a humorous point of view! Thank you!

  • JP1968

    I have just learned what the opposite of a sore looser is.

  • David

    These whiners are ensuring they’ll get no consideration after Trump takes office. There’s no more will to compromise with them, they got theirs already with their tantrum now.

  • UrbanCamper

    Once we get the conservative justices in place on the Supreme Court, things will go much better for the USA for good long while. Midterm elections in 2018 should deliver a super majority to the Republicans – this was a truly historic defeat for them and it will take a while before they can accept that America soundly rejected their failed idelogy.

  • Jason Israel

    Maybe it’s my age – but I have seen too many wins get lost. Don’t misunderstand I support Trump with Time and Money but when I hear about Michael Moore hint at an assassination of Trump on National TV and not get put in jail that night I get worried. I will say I can watch all the SJW & Liberal tears all day long!

  • Samerica

    It has been so much fun watching the leftist angry and crying and out of control and
    Trump isn’t even in office yet! The next 4 years should be great hopefully 8 years!