Liberals are pissed. Kanye West is black. He’s famous. Black celebrities must behave according to Liberal prescription, right? How dare they escape the ideological bubble of the left? Does CNN even breed bloodhounds anymore?

The leftist media expects that black celebrities are obligated to spout Liberal narratives and progressive ‘values’ because only the Democrats can save black people! Any minority who approaches Republican leadership must immediately wear a scarlet letter of “sellout” according to leftist ideologues.

Yes, these are the same Democrats who enslaved blacks, lynched them, and even worse… invented the urban plantation through just-enough-to-get-by-and-vote-Democrat welfare. Thank god Republicans had the chutzpah to fight the civil war against racist Democrats, pass the Civil War Amendments, and give women the right to vote, eh?

But when rapper Kanye West visited the most powerful man in America this week, Liberals lost their mind.

CNN ran a story this evening titled “Kanye West, do YOU care about black people?” The decision to lowercase ‘black’ and caps-lock ‘YOU’ was their own — as evidenced by the shrill Uncle Tomfoolery throughout the piece.

The author is Peniel Joseph. According to the editor’s note he’s “the Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is also a professor of history.”

AKA, the ultimate leftist hitman. The ‘guy in their pocket’ they can leverage when they need to suit their racist agenda. He’s a professor, he studies ‘race and democracy’, and he knows history!

One problem. Just as Trump beat leftist bullshit by ‘being larger than life’, so too is Kanye ‘larger than life’. It will take more than a racist CNN pawn to veer Kanye away from expressing his god-given freedoms to associate, speak, and meet with whomever this free man chooses. If CNN can’t compute that, someone please remind them that slavery is illegal now. They don’t own Kanye. They only own meek Peniel Joseph.

Here’s Peniel, undoubtably pleased with his tenure and lack of real world engagement:

Photographs of Professor Johnson for Tufts Web Site.

Nevermind the fact that a free, black, American man (replete with talents, fame, and fans) went and spoke his mind freely to our new president. The language and hate speech propagated by Peniel is atrocious, his article opens with:

Kanye West’s meeting with president-elect Donald Trump suggests that, symbolically at least, black people did not just lose the presidential election — we’ve lost our damn minds.

Ok. So the first Republican president-elect to earn more of the black vote than any Republican candidate in the past half century (but not since Republicans ended slavery) is somehow also ruining his black supporter’s minds? Sorry dude, but do YOU care about black people? Or is it convenient for your bullshit narrative that you open by asserting black people have lost their “damn minds”… Have you met every black person? Or do you assume all black people think alike?

The very next sentence:

No matter that West’s actions stand in stark contrast to the feelings of hip-hop artists

Um… So the professor from Texas with the non-existent haircut can speak for hip-hop artists on behalf of Kanye?

Newsflash to Peniel Joseph:

  • Kanye is the hip-hop artist.
  • You are the political pawn.

Cry as you might about my labeling you, but let’s peek behind your words. You write:

[Trump’s] interaction with West, whom he called a “good friend,” has gone predictably viral. But it dangerously overshadows actions that carry political weight, such as his choice of Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Senator and notable enemy of racial justice, for Attorney General.

Ah yes, that racist Jeff Sessions who executed KKK members and desegrated schools is an enemy of ‘racial justice’. On which planet, exactly, Mr. Joseph?

His stupid innuendos continue:

The meeting between West and Trump, two titans of Twitter, raises the question: Have celebrities become the new black political leaders in the Age of Trump?

Um… I dunno? Ask Raven-Symoné or Whoopi Goldberg if celebrity helped improve their 2016… Ask Trevor Noah or Don Lemon if their power came only from their skin tone — divorced of their ideologies… By that I mean, Democrats lost, and that includes black Democrats. Republicans won, and that includes black Republicans. Politics, after all, is an ideological war. Not a racist one. Unless you play by Democrat rules.

Their folly crosses the line into the darker world of pandering, racial accommodation, and identifying so strongly with white power as to be blinded by its destructive impact on the community they profess to defend and support.

What the fuck are you even saying? One man met another man in his home. You ascribe blindingly distructive impact on the black community to this meeting. Are you actually stupid? I know you only saw the same videos we all did. What crystal ball or reading glass might you have that I lack?

At least there are some true points:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. enjoyed intimate access to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, pushing at least three US presidents to find common cause with the national struggle for black dignity during the civil rights era.

Yep, that’s right. King Jr. did all of that. And guess what? His niece endorsed Trump. So go fuck yourself — you’re using a dead man’s philosophy to promote an identity politic religion he’d have burned and left in dust. Even as a multiracial faggot I know Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t stand for any of the shit you’re saying, Mr. Joseph.

  • Jane Genzler

    I really hate CNN. Kanye West rose above the inner city plantation and CNN hates it. Screw the Clinton News Network, they lie way too much to listen to anyway.

    • Lady MAGA

      A (black) friend of mine once said to me, “A n***** can’t stand to see another n****** get ahead! When they see one doing good for himself, they try to tear him down!” I laughed at him, then informed him that white people are the same way.

      I said that to say this:

      Peniel Joseph is jealous. Can’t just anyone walk into Trump Tower and be treated the way Kanye was treated by Trump. I’m white, and I know I can’t, and I’m ok with that. Peniel, however, can’t handle it.

      Not only can Peniel not handle that Kanye has what he wants, but doesn’t have, but also Peniel is consumed by his desire to destroy the man Kanye, who has what he himself lacks; so consumed, in fact, that he lost all good sense, and let the whole world see just how trifling a man he really is.

  • Samerica

    the demoncrap party is the party of the KKK BO HELLARY FAILED LEFTIST ANTI
    making themselves RICH and taking away more freedom! West is a no talent
    rapper who 99% of most americans could care less about his ‘music’ or opinion!
    CNN and the rest of the bias media pushed the anti Trump crap and it didn’t work!
    They can’t get over Hellary the yaking chicken she devil is not going to be dicktator!

  • Barnavelt

    Love it! Very well said.

  • patricia


  • ivca56

    Yet another brainwashed “professor” who has not clue how much of a pawn he really is. The best thing one can wish for these morons is that they have an event where they actually SEE how much a lie their lives had been and how stupid they looked.

    • Lady MAGA

      I suspect he does know, and it infuriates him that it’s the only reason he has the job he has.

  • Eve of Destruction