German investigators have released that fingerprints found in the truck used in this week’s deadly terror attack on a Christmas market in Berlin matched with main suspect, Anis Amri, a 24-year old Tunisian man. This morning, Milan police unknowingly entered into an altercation with Amri, leading to a shootout that left him dead. Authorities later identified Amri by his fingerprints.

In June 2016, Amri was ordered to be deported but his home country of Tunisia did not acknowledge him as a citizen and he lacked a valid passport. Amri had ties to a radical salafist preacher. Under surveillance for alleged ties to Islamic extremists until September 2016, the surveillance of Amri ceased for unknown reasons.

12 dead, 48 injured. Amri, known to be dangerous, shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.

All things considered, Merkel’s immigration policies have led to a rise in radical Islamist attacks in Germany. The open-border policy the country adopted has backfired spectacularly and now citizen’s lives and cultures hang in the balance. German politicians and pro-refugee citizens are learning the hard way:

Many of these migrants come from countries that are incompatible with western society.

In September 2015, a member of a terror group linked with al-Qaeda stabbed a German policewoman in the neck. November 2015, after the Paris terror attacks that left 130 dead, a football game is evacuated after “concrete” threat of a terror attack at a stadium in Hannover. New Years Eve 2015, Cologne, Germany reported mass sexual and physical assaults on women by a 1,000 men of “Arab or North African appearance “. May 2016, a knifeman killed a passenger and injured several others at a Munich train station while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. July 2016, an Afghan refugee assaulted passengers with an axe on a train in Germany. Later in the month, a Syrian refugee hacked a pregnant woman to death in Germany and a failed asylum seeker blew himself up outside a bar, injuring 12.

Critical views of Islam are quick to be labeled as “Islamophobia” but isn’t the definition of a “phobia” an irrational fear?

The fear and aversion that Germans must feel toward radical, extremist Islam is anything but irrational – it’s completely logical. Masses of migrants come from countries ruled under Islamic Sharia. Sharia is a religious law that governs countries of Islamic faith. Under Sharia, men are considered superior to women and have more rightsAdulterers are stoned, homosexuals are murdered. Theft is punishable by amputation of a hand. The very basis of these societies are antithetical to westernized societies. Radicalized followers of Islam cannot integrate into a society they view as inferior and gravely sinful.

On top of all of this, WND reports the U.S. government’s refugee resettlement program is accelerating in Obama’s final months as President. Admissions of Syrians, Somalis, and other refugees are ahead of last year’s pace. It seems as though the Obama administration is trying to allow as many refugees into the country as possible before Trump takes office.

On Inauguration day, it will be refreshing to have a President that truly understands how dangerous radical Islam is. President Trump will stop the degradation of our society (a la Germany). Trump will put an end to the entrance of people incompatible with western values. The Trump admin must perform thorough, extensive background checks of refugees let into the country – serious vetting procedures. Is it racist, bigoted, or xenophobic to disallow people who cannot and will not integrate into a modern society entry? Is it simply preserving a nation’s safety and stability?

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.