By now, anybody who watches the news has become acquainted with the latest conservative bogeyman designed by George Soros to fill the nightmares of dutiful progressive voters: the Alt Right.

This formerly remote and fringe sect of the Right Wing came to prominence during the 2016 Republican primary, riding off of Donald Trump’s surging internet popularity on underground forums like 4Chan, 8Chan, and to a lesser extent, Reddit. Though the “alt right” apparently originated as a minuscule network of far right extremists principally dedicated to white nationalism, the term has become increasingly amorphous and subjective as it has been appropriated by younger, edgier conservative activists distinguishing themselves from old guard establishment Republicans.

There are many competing schools of thought on the ideological and political state of the alt right as it exists in the wake of Donald Trump’s nomination and election to the presidency. Probably the earliest, and most comprehensive analysis comes from Breitbart news editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, who claimed to merely give the movement “a fair hearing in the press,” by distinguishing between the varying factions of new conservatives who self identify as alt right. This theory posits that the alt right manifests itself in degrees from innocent meme machines creating mischief on social media to the one to three thousand white supremacists who idolize Hitler.

On the other side of the debate is Ben Shapiro, editor in chief of The Daily Wire and #NeverTrump-er, who along with many in the new and old establishment condemn the alt right as a vehicle for anti-semitism, Neo-Nazism, racism, and the true “basket of deplorables” which lurks in the outermost fringe of the American right. Mainstream conservatives like Shapiro view the tempered, sterilized alt right described by Milo as fruit from the poisonous tree, irrevocably wedded to, and conceived by, an illiberal band of Nazi thugs and bullies.

A conciliatory, two-state solution was proposed by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars this week which separates the alt-right into two definitive camps, divorced from one another. Watson acknowledges the anti-semitic and dangerous coalition of Hitler revanchists which Shapiro warns of as the first and odious generation of the alt right; and the emerging counter crusade of citizen journalists, anti-establishment conservatives, and newly christened Trump Republicans as the mainstream, legitimate second generation of alt-right.

According to Hillary Clinton, the alt right is a a vast right wing conspiracy engineered by Russian President Vladimir Putin to install ethno-nationalist, Russophile puppets as heads of state across Europe and the West. Moreover, the brilliant KGB tactician in the Kremlin is responsible for Brexit, Wikileaks, Donald Trump, and the transformation of harmless green frog cartoon Pepe into a universal symbol for white supremacism. It is safe to say that the adults can scratch this one off the list; that pneumonia must be really taking a toll on the mental state of the first failed female presidential candidate from a major party.

Unfortunately, unlike the broad American umbrella ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, and to a lesser extent socialism and libertarianism, the battle to define the alt right in particular has real practical, political consequences. Milo says to give them a fair hearing, Paul Watson says there’s actually two alt rights, Ben Shapiro says no alt right is acceptable and we have to destroy them. Meanwhile the liars and propagandists on CNN and NBC wax dramatically throughout their 24 hour news cycle about the white supremacist Trumpenreich that lies dormant ready to grab all the women by their genitals, force Muslims into concentration camps, hunt down black people, electrocute gays, and send a gestapo like deportation force to exile all Hispanics.

The incessant infighting and petty bickering between jealous, competitive Twitter stars over the most appropriate definition for a group of trouble makers that, by the way, fields less members than students at my high school, plays right into the hands of the powerful globalist forces aligned against us. Donald Trump won more votes than any Republican presidential candidate in US history; from Wisconsin to Texas, from Maine to Arizona, 62.5 million Americans voted for a moderate conservative in the most contentious election in history. Yet the mainstream media, an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party, has so engineered the national dialogue to focus with a microscope’s precision on the 1,600 active white supremacist trolls on Twitter instead; and arrogant “intellectuals” on the right let them.

It has been but three weeks since the unprecedented, biblical, political earth quake that vaporized the Democrat Party, destroyed the last shred of the mainstream media’s legitimacy, and propelled the Republican Party to its most dominant posture since 1928. Not to mention that this glorious victory was not easily delivered by a spineless Republican establishment begging on its knees for minority votes in exchange for amnesty; Trump led us to the promised land by punching through every conventional and common sense practice which leashed conservatism to a default strategy of apology and concession.

Conservatives ought to talk about the miracle that took place this year for the next century! Donald Trump, the real estate mogul turned reality TV star who said illegal immigrants bring drugs, crime, and rapists, won possibly the greatest Republican victory in US history. For four years, a Republican Congress, Supreme Court, and White House will have the power and the mandate to fix a broken immigration system, a corrupt Washington DC, a disastrous foreign policy, and more. With this great victory fresh in our minds, with the great work being done and yet to be done, we waste our breaths and give air time to legitimize 1,600 disturbed white supremacist losers? In the sage words of the President Elect, “Wrong! Sad!”

Liberals don’t talk about the communists and cop killers in the Democrat Party because the mainstream narrative has it that of course no sensible, mainstream Democrat supports such extremism; therefore you’ll never see Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton disavowing the Castro lovers in their own party. This is a reasonable axiom that Democrats have maintained through confidence. Now, as the ruling party, Republicans must develop the same scoffing, default position, that we won’t even entertain the notion that our base, our President, or our representatives sympathize with extremists.

It was exactly because of the left’s smothering obsession with racism and bigoted “isms” that the provocative and edgy alt right gained traction beside Donald Trump. If Republicans can take a page out of the President Elect’s playbook by becoming more frank, straightforward, and human, they can co-opt the virtues of the alt right and leave its dangerous core to whither and die. The new conservative ascendancy has given us the opportunity to control the narrative, at long last we have the power to right the ship and do so on our terms. Richard Spencer and his controlled opposition can have the alt right, the plain old Donald Trump right will lead the nation to Make America Great Again.

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.

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