Women of The View think Trump should appoint Sanders and Clinton to his cabinet.

The diverse group of so-called smart women on The View love talking about politics. They brought up the fact that President Obama brought on Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. There’s a problem here though ladies, they were in the same party.

They also said the Abraham Lincoln brought on Democrats to his cabinet. Wrong. President Lincoln never put up any Democrats to his cabinet. They were nearly all of his Republican rivals for the Republican nomination. Who the hell hired these dopes?

The View discusses Donald Trump’s cabinet:

When you put a group of uneducated people behind a table and call it a show, it comes with issues. The View is the perfect example of the media. They are out of touch and in an unburstable bubble.

The down-right stupid statements and misinformation are what made Donald Trump our next President.

If you look at the electoral map, it’s clear the American population didn’t buy into it. The only people that did were those within the bubbles of California and New York City. It just so happens to be that the media conglomerates are operated out of these two states! Shocker!

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  • David

    Trump should break up media conglomerates by applying 80 year old antitrust law. The trustbusters already won this battle in the 1930’s. All he has to do is apply it.

  • ivca56

    oh my gosh, now these give women the name of bubble-head…really? Obama took on Hillary out of respect for her differences in opinion? Not because she knew stuff and could expose the fraud he is? Where do these women live to be so damn dumb! And they have a TV show! Good Lord!

  • Roseann

    Hell NO esp Hillary she needs to be out of WH and no where near it!

  • rostomic

    Supremely stupid cows!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Hutton

    Clinton on Death Row, Sanders on a Psych Ward.
    The View staff – On PERMANENT LEAVE.
    Shut the NWO Entertainment Division down completely.
    BRAINWASHING and RATIONALIZATION until everyone accepts the Rothschild agenda.
    BTW, If I was related to Miss Marples, I would find a deserted Island and move PRONTO.
    I wish I invented the paper tissue, the lefties are bawling their eyes out over a PEDOPHILE who ripped off the nation and got caught by America’s Most Wanted Honest man.

  • lyndsey lou2


  • Samerica

    the REARVIEW is a show of ASSES AND WATCHED BY ASSES! what a joke that
    they believe they are so smart and important! a bunch of yaking lying liberal hens!
    It’s funny when BO stole the elections he told the right to shut up and sit in the back
    seat and go along for the ride and told mc cain the election was over your side lost!
    now the bias media and liberals expect Trump and others who won not only the
    Presidency but the congress and senate and they expect to work with them and
    do the same failed liberal policies that destroyed this country! what a bunch of dopes!
    Why aren’t they like the bias media talking about Hellary’s scandals? they gave her
    a pass on Benghazi that killed people and on the emails and now Clinton Fraudation!

  • Aeffesstoo

    Are these people are really this STUPID?

    never mind

  • Dont these stupid tarts get the idea of LOSING AN ELECTION. We’ve been living under Hollywood, MSM and Obama’s constitution be damned tyranny for 8 years – we were smart enough not to even try and convince Obama to play fair. That petulant vole Obama and the Tammany Hall globalist democRATs kicked us in the sack over and over and over again and ruled by executive fiat, pen and phone, why would let let a dried up Soviet and a god damned Criminal Hillary on the cabinet? Nobody wants them to run the country.

  • Janet Sterling Elliott

    Oh HELL NO! You hens on the view should move to Canada like you promised! BYE!!!

  • Nonna98

    What dumbots!

  • psage

    just no, clinton especially needs to go away

  • MW333

    Just shows why bobble heads should be seen and not heard.

  • cuchulain
  • onemangang58

    I’ll be to the point. You liberals lost. Get to the back of the bus. And yeah, while you’re at it, STFU!