Actor Scott Baio tells liberal celebrities to pack their bags. This comes after a swarm of celebrities promised to leave the country if Donald Trump won.

Scott Baio known for his role as Chachi Arcola in Happy Days has had enough. In a video posted to Facebook he said

“I promise you something,” “if you want to watch the best television that’s on television right now, watch MSNBC. You’ll have a ball. It’s amazing. The crying, the literal crying, the anger, the rage.”

Watch full video here:

Baio has been a very outspoken Trump supporter within Hollywood, one of the very few. Wearing a t-shirt that says “Canada” with a maple leaf, he tells Lena Dunham and others who vowed to leave:  “You can pick these up in any gift shop in Canada and wear them proudly.”

Wearing a t-shirt that says “Canada” with a maple leaf, he tells Lena Dunham and others who vowed to leave:  “You can pick these up in any gift shop in Canada and wear them proudly.”

Hollywood is far from shifting it’s liberal agenda, but this is a promising start to a more politically diverse industry.

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  • politically incorrect

    its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  • Rp1950

    The Crying Morons Of MSNBC!

    • Samerica

      they probably have the highest ratings in years since Trump won the election
      since the left need a place to feel at home crying and rest need a good laugh.

  • WstCstRightie

    I had a hard time flipping fast enough from lib station to lib station day after the election, bathing in the sweet sweet tears of the LOSERS! Couldn’t get enough of lib news last Wed/Thurs. It was like Christmas, Easter, and my birthday all rolled into one lovely lovely day.

  • spirit

    Wow! You sure have grown up! Thank you! 🙂 Good message! LOL

  • Karenski

    Scott Baio, I loved you before but I love you even more now! Thank you for speaking up! Only problem is, even Canada doesn’t want them! LOL

    • abtx88

      I usually don’t reply to comments, but I support when transgenders speak their minds, regardless of politics. I support your voice…….

  • Judy Kudzin


  • Jorli

    Scott Baio is a fine example of the outdated relics we’ll be seeing as Trump takes us back in time.

    • Samerica

      better go back in time then into a BO Hellary demoncrap nazi future!

      • Jorli

        Samerica, your post is incoherent — but I imagine it is a fine example of the level of ‘intelligence’ one can expect from those who voted for Trump.

  • spookym

    And because the name, “Scott Baio” wields so much power in Hollywood, liberal celebs will be packing their bags tonight! By the way, Chachi, after 8 years of hearing conservatives whine about an educated, well-mannered, gentleman like President Obama, we’ve more than earned the right to whine about a @#$% head like Trump while he’s in office!

  • Glenn Martin

    Look at ALL these douche bag liberals bashing Scott Baio because LYING HILLARY LOST and now there Pussies Hurt. WAKE UP!!! American’s Are Sick and Tired of Left Wing Corruption By A President Who Is Afraid Of His Own Shadow. At Least Scott Baio Has The Balls To Speak Up In Regards To President Elect Trump Who Will Give Americans 100% Unlike That Do Nothing POS Currently In The White House Who Hasn’t Done A Thing To Stop The Riots Because It’s Not Some Black Thug Who Was Shop By The Police.

  • Paula Kinziger

    LOL! Barron doesn’t want to leave his friends.

  • Paula Kinziger

    Suck it up Snowflakes!

  • Davn8r

    Chachi has spoken!

  • ReneeWatson

    I grew up watching scott Baio on tv ..dang where does the time fly .. lol admits to having his posters on my wall from old team beat mags …. but i have grown . .. he has always been a great role model .. Thanks you for being a voice of reason God bless you Mr Baio

  • Samerica

    Never a fan of Baio as an actor but he’s a good American and it takes some balls
    to stand up to Hollyweird and the bias media when your in entertainment biz! and
    he’s right there is nothing on cable or network TV worth watching but the cry babies
    on the left losing it now that their nazi leftist demoncrap party is DEAD! NRIP!
    THAT SUPPORT THE LEFT AGENDA! take way the money then goes the power!

  • J Yu

    Bite me, Baio. Joanie would divorce Chachi today for being ignorant trailer trash.

  • Lusael Merlin

    Come on in Canada is soo screwd total cultral marxist ya slapped around if ya talk of Jesus here