Everyone knows Trump’s history, from his business dealings to his personal life, and every accusation and lawsuit that defames his character, proven or unproven.  However, a lot of people don’t know of Hillary’s life of scandals and corruption.

The corporate media has been trying to redirect attention from Hillary because of how corrupt Hillary is.  Despite what leftists say, there are a lot more scandals in her history than “just e-mails”.

1) The E-mail leaks

Somehow Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are so incompetent, Huma’s ex-husband Anthony Weiner has 10,000 of them (along with 650,000 others). These aren’t just “weddings and yoga” e-mails as Hillary claims, but national secrets, including at least 60 confidential and 22 top-secret e-mail threads. 

The difference between the two is that confidential is information that can hurt the person who possesses it, and top secret information is information that could cause “exceptionally grave damage to national security“.

This is why the FBI case has been reopened, as this information was put on a compromised private server and then deleted to hide the information from the government and FBI. This doesn’t even cover any other content that is actually in the emails.

2) The Clinton Foundation

Out of the hundreds of millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation makes every year, less than 6% of all donated income actually goes towards anything humanitarian. She took 12 million dollars from the king of Morocco just for a face to face meeting. The Foundation is allegedly her personal pay-to-play transaction business, and the money that goes to that foundation goes to political favors from the Clintons.

3) Accepting foreign donations from non-citizens in super PAC money

Taking donations from non-citizens for presidential campaigns is illegal. Along with this, Hillary has been shown to coordinate directly with super PACs. This similar to the Watergate scandal (which coordinated with super PACs and used government resources to help gather information on opponents) that forced Nixon to resign, speaking of which…

4) Her time working on Watergate

Didn’t make her any friends, and was removed from the investigation. She was called “unethical” and “she had violated House and committee rules by disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons.”

5) Undermining Democracy in other countries

Hillary wanted to rig the Palestinian elections, why would she not attempt to rig the US ones?  There are several recent reportings of voter fraud in Wisconson, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  Somehow nearly two million dead people are also registered voters!

6) Looting the White House after Bill’s term as president

Seriously, who does that? The Clinton’s left with around $200,000 in furniture and “gifts”, which they were forced to return or partially pay for.

7) Every political opinion she has is manufactured

The Podesta emails revealed that many things people think about her are untrue, from supporting DOMA, to her leaked speeches at Goldman Sachs. Despite her backpedaling,

Despite her backpedaling, she supports both TPP and NAFTA, trade agreements that allow large businesses to send their manufacturing costs to other countries, maximizing their profits at the expense of American workers.  Her position on the

Her position on the second amendment is also concerning, looking to further regulate firearm use while at the same time claiming she supports the second amendment.

8) Vince Foster’s death

The death of many whistle-blowers such as Seth Rich, close friend Vince Foster, and a lot of other convenient suicides from people who could have opposed the Clinton’s rise to power. Recent evidence released from the FBI has shown that none of the bullets that killed Vince Foster were fired from his gun. You can

Recent evidence released from the FBI has shown that none of the bullets that killed Vince Foster were fired from his gun. You can read the FBI report itself here.

police report from Vince Foster's Death

Police report from Vince Foster’s death

9) Taking money from ISIS supporting countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar

In fact, they have paid for 20% of her campaign funds (which would be about 200 million dollars at this point). Whether directly contributed as a PAC or contributed to the Clinton Foundation, it should raise worries about how pay-to-play Clinton’s reign will be, along with who is paying her.  If she is truly bought by foreign oil barons, can she truly say that she will represent the American people?

If she is truly bought by foreign oil barons, can she truly say that she will represent the American people?

10) Selling 20% of US yellow cake uranium supply to Russia

Hillary has sold 20% of the United States’ yellow cake uranium production to Russia for a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation.

11) Manipulating the tragedies of Haiti for financial gain

The Clinton’s seemed to have used Haiti as a means to get billions of dollars in contractor fees while doing little to help the relief of one of the poorest countries in the world.  Since these major natural disasters, there has been little relief for the country from the US, and the Clinton’s are happy for the information to stay quiet.

12) Donna Brazile leaking questions to Hillary for the debates.

Donna Brazile, former CNN correspondent and current chair of the Democratic National Committee, leaked questions for the presidential debates to Hillary and staff so they can prepare early for the debates.  After “resigning” from CNN, she tweeted:

This follows the DNC desire to “win at all costs”.  Undermine every possible rule to win, even if it means removing any semblance of democracy.

13) Collusion between the DNC, Hillary, and major media outlets

Speaking about media collusion, there has been a lot of collusion between the DNC and various media outlets, including CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, and others.

14) Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi

The extent Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi is under some contention.  Even if she was just another cog in the Benghazi incident, it makes her culpable for the death of four Americans along with everyone else who was negligent at the plight of these people.  If this is in her track record, why would we as Americans be willing to elect someone who is so incompetent?

15) Hillary’s weird anti-Russian obsession

Recently Hillary’s twitter is blowing up with extreme anti-Russian sentiment, blaming the Russians from everything from her hacked e-mails to Donald Trump.

The actual reason for this sudden change in attack is unclear. It could be due to the proxy war between Assad and the US in the middle east, or it could be the Russian troop movement through the English channel.  Either way, Hillary is posturing to aggravate open hostility towards Russia.  Pretty weird from someone who says Trump shouldn’t access nuclear weapons.

16) Hillary’s war-mongering ways

Her war-mongering doesn’t stop there.  In 2008 she said she’d obliterate Iran if they’d have nuclear weapons, her joy of the removal and death of Ghaddafi, and her desire to “drone Assange” for his activity as the head of Wikileaks.

This seems like a much more aggressive person than Trump, who is looking to work with the UN and Russia to end ISIS and to bring soldiers home.

17) DNC rigging the primary election to ensure Hillary won the DNC presidential nomination

Bernie Sanders never had a chance to win the Democratic primary nomination.  The DNC made sure that she was “elected the next President of the United States“.

Donna Brazile leaked Bernie information to the Hillary Campaign, and trying to manipulate former Bernie supporters to work for Hillary.  The DNC has spent the entire election rigging and manipulating the system so that Hillary has a free walk to the presidency.

It’s so ironic that the Democrats every move show how little they care for Democracy.

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