Project Veritas’ newest video shows an undercover reporter who is given the opportunity to vote as Huma Abedin by paper ballot.

Huma Abedin, of course, is Hillary Clinton’s top aide and has recently been in the spotlight as a laptop of hers was found to contain new emails that originated from Secretary Clinton’s private email server.

The video shows the journalist, dressed in a burqa, going to a polling station. The journalist then gives the address of Huma Abedin and then gets offered a ballot.

There she is notified that her name is not on the roll, so she will have to vote via an affidavit ballot.

Interspersed between these clips is undercover video of a conversation between this journalist and Alan Schulkin, the commisioner of Board of Elections for New York City.

“Not only just voter ID because of voting twice, but people can cover their faces, you know what I’m saying?” she asks Mr. Schulkin.

He replies, “The Muslims can do that too. You don’t know who they are.”

Later, the journalist says “Yeah, but they could do it by wearing a burka. But then no one could say ‘Oh wait, let me see your ID’ because they don’t have ID because they [the state of New York] don’t want to discriminate because they’re wearing a burka. But then you have people saying oh, it’s so wrong, you can’t do that. You know?”

Later, Mr. Schulkin says, “Your vote isn’t really counting because they can go in there with a burqa on and you don’t know if they are a voter… Your vote gets discounted because they come in with a burqa on and they can vote.”

“People think that it’s a liberal thing to do, but I take my vote seriously and I don’t want ten other people coming in negating my vote by voting for the other candidate when they’re not even registered voters…”

“I know everything is done with good intentions, but a lot of bad results.”

What Mr. Schulkin is explaining is that in New York, voters do not need to show any form of photo identification when requesting a ballot (according to VoteSmart.org). An individual could commit voter fraud by submitting a ballot for another registered voter that they know are not voting. In the case of contested ballots, an old ballot is usually discarded in favor of the newer ballot.

At the end of the video, the journalist claims that she needs to call her husband “Anthony” (in reference to Huma’s estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, who is currently under investigation for allegedly sexting a minor) in order to leave and not actually commit voter fraud.

However, this video shows that the process of committing voter fraud is easy to do. In the guise of political correctness and tolerance, many states, such as New York, do not require voters to show identification when receiving a ballot. In addition, they can usually wear face-shielding clothing, such as burqas, that could conceal their identity.

As a result, the likelihood of someone getting caught for committing voter fraud is low, as the lack of requiring identification means that anyone can claim to be someone else. Couple that with the ability to shroud one’s identity with a burqa, and there’s is nothing theoretically stopping someone from voting for someone else. All they need to know is said person’s last name and address.

As Mr. Schulkin says, “Your vote gets discounted because they come in with a burqa on and they can vote,” which all be negated if states would simply require voters to show some form of identification prior to voting.

Courts have repeatedly struck done many forms of voter identification laws on the basis that said laws unduly obstruct low-income voter’s Constitutional rights to vote.

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Shane Rider

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  • Isahiah62

    Even if that was the real HUMA, the lady did not ask ID to see if she was a resident of that city or district, doesn’t ask to verify that is even her name?? Who verifies these affidavit paper ballots? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7cf6bf2808687ba3ccd617640fdcf4a1dc92af29cfc69d29cca8306b9381bb70.jpg

    • Kate S

      The Indian government gives out these ID’s to everyone and it was mandatory though it’s not even considered good enough to be used as a primary ID because there are millions of fake and defunct vote ID cards in….India! Voter impersonation, the specific form of voter fraud, espoused by this absurd joke of a video very rarely ever happens. As in 31 credible cases were found to have occurred since 2000, out of 1 billion. But keep telling yourselves this is a real problem that requires government intervention. Something conservatives just love. You can barely get people to show up and vote legitimately but you’re all worried about nonexistent voters casting fake ballots on behalf of non-burqa wearing real Muslims.

      • Isahiah62

        and now that it’s Dems complaining having to verify sigs on absentee ballots in Broward, saying only D votes were contested…yeah bet your tune will change if TRUMP gets elected. It was DEMS who contested Bush Gore and 0blowhard who said there is cheating when he was running.

    • Chikanamakalaka

      They are not allowed to ask for ID.

  • SouthAustinBuffalo

    As expected, Project Veritas has produced falsity. The poll worker, seeing that this person was not on the registration list, properly offered her a paper “Affidavit ballot.” Affidavit ballots are given special scrutiny, and are NOT counted immediately. If the burqa-wearer had gone further, she would have been required to fill out a detailed affidavit. See page 58 of the NYC Poll Workers Procedures manual: http://vote.nyc.ny.us/downloads/pdf/documents/boe/pollworkers/Poll%20Workers%20Procedures%20Manual%202016-2017_r26%20(2).pdf