Trump’s secret service may have thwarted an assassination attempt in Reno tonight.

Trump got rushed offstage by secret service during a rally just after 9PM EST on Saturday, Nov. 5th 2016 in Reno, Nevada. This may have been an assassination attempt. In the below video you can hear escalating shouts of “Gun, Gun” from the audience as they try shouting louder than the crowd to alert secret service:

In the below clip posted by CBS News you can see two agents shuffling away from Trump’s podium. The audio muffles, and at 11 seconds in a young girl calls out “Daddy!” amidst the chaos.

Ben Jacobs of The Guardian tweeted a photo after the scuffle that supposedly shows a ‘Bald white guy in hoodie being led out in handcuffs after rushing stage at Trump’.

Trump returned to stage after the chaos cleared, but resumed speaking without seeming shaken nor stirred:

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped… never ever be stopped…”

“I want to thank the secret service, you guys are fantastic, they don’t get enough credit, they’re amazing people…”

“So let’s get back to repealing the defense sequester…”

Watch the full rally here:

  • Rp1950


    • disqus_HLLNvo67Mw

      Can’t bump the Trump. Clinton the chump
      Lands on her rump
      And gets the pump….

  • Samerica

    Where’s the bias media on this story? if this was Hellary this would be breaking
    news! and of course they’d make it out as some right wing Trump supporter!
    this guy is obviously a brainwashed PAID left wing assassin! The left must really
    be scared to death that the bias polls are just that! FAKE! LIES! Trump em!

  • Skimommy

    He’s God’s candidate, Hillary won’t be able to kill him

  • GodwinsLawyer

    false flag.

    no gun, no danger.

  • Kelsonus

    Come on lefties
    5 or 6 months ago is when this should have been
    Can’t even do this right

  • manderso

    No point in shooting a con man, have a nice day deplorable losers. You can’t even raise a sign and the trumpies shout gun.

    • Samerica

      womanderso i hope you feel better with a typical insulting dumb left comment.