More terrorist attacks occurred during Obama’s tenure than any other modern American presidency.

Election day is over. President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition process is underway. He’s determining key staff for his cabinet and priming America for the transition of power from Barack Obama.

Many questions linger about President-Elect Trump’s national security policies. Much of this concern centers on how he will deal with threats of terrorism.

Trump is inheriting a country that suffered the most terrorist attacks under a single president: Obama.

It’s Not Even Close.

During Obama’s tenure roughly 36 recorded terrorist attacks occurred on American soil. Many more attacks occurred that could reasonably be called terror.

Our analysis comes from multiple sources including Independent Journal Review and the Global Terrorism Index. We found that several attacks were both foreign and domestic acts of terror by extremist political, religious, or outlying groups.

Key attacks from the analysis include:

  • The San Bernardino, CA, attacks on December 2, 2015, committed by radical Islamic terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They killed 14.
  • Robert Dear’s domestic, lone wolf attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO on November 27, 2015. Dear killed 3, including a police officer from a local college campus.
  • The Fort Hood, TX shooting where disgraced Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on fellow soldiers, killing 13.
  • Boston Marathon Bombings in April 2013, committed by brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, killing 3.
  •  The Orlando, FL, attack on June 12, 2016. Omar Mateen killed 49 people at a gay nightclub.

The total death count from terrorist attacks on American soil under Obama’s tenure was 159 people. President George W. Bush’s total was 3,025, with the 9/11 attacks included. If you remove the 9/11 attacks Bush is left with a total of 29 people dead from terror attacks on American soil.

Less death occurred under Obama because there was not any major 9/11 style attack. More attacks occurred and more frequently under Obama than any earlier president.

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Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady is a political journalist and part time muckraker based in Colorado. In addition, he a is political strategist and policy analyst working with some of the foremost conservative politicians in state and national politics. He focuses predominately on conservative solutions to public policy and the art of conservative electioneering. His work has been featured, republished, or cited in several publications across the nation including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, the New York Post, The Denver Post, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and policy publications for one America's leading free-market, libertarian think tanks.

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  • Ms_Fortune

    Not surprising, Obama was one of the weakest presidents in regards to terrorism, we’re talking about a man who refused to say words like radical islam or even refer to ISIS as ISIS, he called them ISIL in a bid to protect the islamic faith, that’s one thing I hope Trump is harder on.

  • Geo Staccs

    It’s logical. The Iraq war started in 2001 under Bush and the destabilization and occupation led to the formation of ISIS and other terror groups. So that leaves you with 2 presidents in the modern terror era if you’re keeping score. By 2008 the middle east is already a clusterfuck. A rise in Internet capabilities leads to more self radicalization.

    You can’t stop every lone wolf attack. I’m excited to hear how every terror attack under Trump will be Obama’s fault.