In a stunning change of pace, each lobbyist that was previously invited to the transition team were buffed out Tuesday evening.

The Wall Street Journal reports that:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence formally signed documents that put him in charge of the transition team, and officials insisted the 10-week effort to build an administration is on schedule. In one of his first moves, Mr. Pence ordered the removal of all lobbyists from the transition team, said one transition team member with knowledge of the decisions.

Why isn’t this bigger news? Donald Trump and Mike Pence are absolutely practicing what they preach. It is a long-standing tradition on the Hill that for better or worse, lobbyists deserve to run your platform. However, the Trump team are following through with their promise to ‘Drain The Swamp’ by cutting these men out.

Mike Rogers, the former National Security Senior Advisor to the Trump transition team who was abruptly cut out last night, posted his resignation statement on his website:

It was a privilege to prepare and advise the policy, personnel and agency action teams on all aspects of the national security portfolio during the initial pre-election planning phase.  Our work will provide a strong foundation for the new transition team leadership as they move into the post-election phase, which naturally is incorporating the campaign team in New York who drove President-elect Trump to an incredible victory last Tuesday.

Mike Rogers, among others, did not align with the mission statement of the Trump team to ‘Drain The Swamp.’ Sources report that every single person brought in by Chris Christie was being ousted, perhaps a strategy that was used to identify and rid the team of political insiders and lobbyists. Gone now are the members of his transition team with ties to Wall Street firms and other corporations.

If the Trump team is truly to ‘Drain The Swamp’ on the Hill, this was clearly the first painful step that they must take to get there.

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Sam Wenkert

Sam Wenkert is a multi-talented writer for REGATED. He began writing about politics during the 2008 election year, and has been interested in political science ever since. Sam also reports on developing world news.

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  • Paula Kinziger

    Love it!

  • David

    Those are real men in the new administration. There’s hope for wonderful improvement in our country now.

    Let me boast. I have always said Trump would be much better than Reagan!

  • Roseann

    Its going to feel so good waking up and our President being President Trump. You can feel the clean breeze and feeling that no one is in there to fuck us over. Feels good actually 🙂

    • hsfred

      Except never let your guard down because Soros/Clinton/Obama team is far from done! Americans can Never again become complacent and assume the gov. will work in our best interest.WE THE PEOPLE!! Remember that and contribute to the education of these brainwashed kids!

  • Samerica

    But BO did that? He had the most transparent and honest administration in history?
    That’s what he said over and over! Oh he lied? like ‘keep your doctor and insurance’
    or ‘it was a video’ or ‘he didn’t know that til he read it in the paper’ ?????????????
    He did say ‘the election is over you lost get over it’ and ‘you can come along for
    the ride get in back of the bus’ and ‘he was going to change america’ and those
    things were true and he used his pen to get laws and regulations thru without
    using congress and he wouldn’t listen to any of the republicans ideas and he
    change america for the worst to a leftist socialist country acting like a dicktator!

  • Anil Dhar

    yeah cleanup this mess..Trump’s good for US

  • ivca56

    The lobbyists have been running rampant in Washington for decades. It is now coming to a head–where we are literally out of money and are owned by China and Belgium…yes–they owe a large portion of our debt, and that is where all this NWO comes from. It is now the eleventh hour and thank God Trump stepped up, risking everything, to help the American Republic stay alive. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DzeMZGGQ0ERk&h=nAQGNYyl9 Watch this–it explains why we are at this juncture of our society. Scary as hell. Again, God Bless Trump and the USA!

  • Meadowbrook

    Pinch me – it’s election night all over again…am I dreaming?

  • Gary Knapp

    We elected Trump to drain the swamp. This move shows good faith. Let’s look forward to the next moves. It’s bound to anger the entrenched career politicians, and is likely to be great for America.

  • David Marty

    Waited 8 years to see Obama gone! We are not a Liberal country! Drain the swamp! Thank God Hillary lost…….

  • Jill

    This is how the left looks at it. http://joshuafoust.com/this-is-not-normal/