Even after the humiliating beating the mainstream media took with Trump’s victory, they’re still spinning yarns and trying to act like they have any credibility left.

Yesterday, I received a breaking news alert on my phone from CNN. The alert, which appeared across the top of my cell phone screen and gave off three short, powerful vibrations, wasn’t really breaking news. The alert essentially reported that it was “like a knife-fight” within the Trump administration’s 2017 Transition Team.

With a wildfire tearing across Georgia and daily protests that devolve into riots springing up against the mere possibility of a Trump presidency, this is the best the mainstream media has to offer us? An unsourced, anonymous allegation against the Trump admin that they want us to take as fact?

Last night, CNN was baffled that Trump ate dinner. David Martosko reported that the president of the White House Correspondents Association called Trump’s actions “unacceptable”.


I don’t think the Establishment or the White House has gotten the memo quite yet:

Mainstream media – you’re out!

How dare Trump try to get a private, reserved moment after fighting in an extreme, unparalleled election season – how dare he! The only people with that train of thought are the pundits, not the people who voted Trump. There is still a blatant disconnect between the media and the populace – the pundits just don’t get it and I doubt they ever will.

Speaking of pundits, Julianna Goldman of CBS Evening News ran with a fake story about the Trump team requesting top-secret security clearance for the Trump children. President Trump took to Twitter to say that this claim was false and that the report was just another “typically false news story”. By now, Donald Trump is used to media bias and lies – just another day in the life.

Already, the mainstream media has begun to say that Trump is going back on his campaign promises. They’re telling us definitively: the wall will never be built, no one will be deported, jobs will not come back, the Washington swamp will not be drained. It’s been a week. It’s apparent that the media is flailing and desperate, stricken into full-fledged panic mode. It will only get worse as we get closer to Inauguration Day.

In their panic and desperation, it’s easy to see why the mainstream media has willingly glossed over a few “minor” details. For instance, they’re surprisingly silent about how they colluded with the Clinton camp. They’re choosing to ignore the fact their credibility evaporated as soon as they decided to become the mouthpiece of the corrupt D.C. Establishment’s propaganda machine. Citizens, however, will not ignore that; instead, they will remember.

The media empathizes with the paid protesters taking to the streets and with the violent, dangerous leftists attacking citizens for voting Trump. Instead of allowing anything to warp their narrative, they warp news and events to fit their narrative.

The mainstream media may have taken a huge blow but they still haven’t been defeated.

They’re still broadcasting lies and misinformation in an attempt to sway support of Trump. The mainstream media hasn’t changed – instead, they’re going full-steam ahead to Inauguration Day, spewing bias and lies to anyone still willing to listen.

After Trump’s decisive victory, I’m not so sure many people are still willing to listen. The jig is up – people are aware of the bias and desperation and won’t be turning back to cable news after the shameful display they exhibited going into election day.

Plainly, the people spoke. Now, the Establishment and lamestream media have to listen. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent when the real uphill battle is just beginning. There’s much work to be done in the next four years and with enough energy, it can be accomplished.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • KansasGirl

    They have no shame.

  • Connie

    The American people voted. They made their decision. We are tired of the LYING MEDIA. We’ve had it with the CORRUPT POLITICIANS who are getting rich off of our backs. Finally we’re FED UP with our Government trying to CONTROL all aspects of our lives. It’s time for them ALL TO SHUT UP and deal with THE REALITY of what WE THE PEOPLE WANT!!!!!

  • dkmeller

    There is absolutely NO reason for Trump, his staff, or his family to give the “troglodyte media” the time of day. They were all nuisances during the campaign, and have become worse since the election.Trump would do better-FAR BETTER-to make overtures toward the internet and “social media” resources to get his message out, and to receive needed feedback-even criticism.

    This election is a referendum on the “news” media even more then the unspeakable prospect of Hillary for President!

  • Samerica

    The media has gotten so out of control they have no problem now just making up
    LIES and propaganda because they can get away with it. Trump and others who
    they slander need to start taking them to court! Trump should never do a single
    interview with any of the major leftist media outlets! Trump em! They can ask their
    loaded questions at the press conference and Trump and his staff should either
    answer if they want and if not say next question! F em! They let BO off the hook
    and threw him slow balls the entire time never questioning his lies and scandals
    and corruption and failed agenda the same as they have done with Hellary! The
    media thinks they are indestructible just like BO and the demoncrap party! Time
    for America to stop supporting all leftist groups businesses and take away their
    MONEY and POWER which is all they care about and will finally destroy them!
    As far as their power they have all but lost a few states that are so far left they
    are destroying themselves from the inside! The demoncrap party is DEAD! RIP!

  • David

    MSM acts in a coordinated structure, because they have only about six owners. Add in Twitter, Google and possibly Facebook that exert too much monopoly power in their media markets.

    It’s time for Trump’s DOJ to sue them under our 80 year old antitrust laws to break them up.

  • Hoax & Chains!

    The Kabal of the Alt Far Left is still hard at work pushing their agenda. They work 24×7 and never stop. If they fail at the polls they resort to the courts. If they fail at the courts they resort to the bureaucracy which they absolutely control 1,000%. They control our schools from K thru University and the evidence can be seen on the street with our young kids lead by CPUSA ( Communist Part of America) paid professional community organizers who incite these anarchist rioters and law breakers to riot against the results of a lawful election! Trump and Republicans must call on Obama and Hillary to order their professional paid rioters to stand down!

  • spirit

    These people need to leave the country, like they said they would!

  • Common Sense/Voice of Wisdom

    I’m not paying for this anymore. Calling Dish Network and having News package removed.

    Their basic package does include CNN which I detest. I’d rather have FOX (at least some of their reporters are fair but hate Megyn Kelly and a few others).

    What news does Donald Trump recommend? Why can’t consumers choose a cable news network in their basic service rather than having CNN forced on them?

    Seems like it would be a simple matter to just allow consumers to choose the channels they want to watch and then pay for those channels! If you can pay-per-view, you should be able to pay-per-channel OR choose the channels you want if you must have a minimum number.

    • NoBS NoSpam

      So you are still paying CNN not to watch their network. Seriously?