In the week following Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election, there have been massive protests and outbursts from those who oppose him and the millions of voters who have shown support for him.

From open letters to their daughters to viral death threats to even petitioning members of the Electoral College to withhold their official votes for the Republican candidate, there has been a surprising (or maybe not so surprising) lack of self-awareness by outspoken leftists who have been unable to accept that their candidate, and by extension their vision for the future of the country, has lost.

Now, despite the decisive defeat of their ideals, liberals across the country have not come to terms with the fact that they have been rejected by a majority of Americans. However, that hasn’t stopped them from believing that they’re still the “correct” party, and vocalizing that belief strongly.

All throughout the campaign season, and indeed long before then, left leaning members of the political class have taken it upon themselves to condescendingly lecture the American public on what they deem a proper code of ethics and conduct. Having President Obama in office to reinforce their views further validated their endeavor.

Over the course of the past decade leftist politics has eroded away from a matter of policy differences to a matter of deeming anyone who disagreed with them some kind of bigot or moron. It has become apparent that with Obama’s election and reelection that left wingers had become smug elitists who not only disagreed those who think differently from them, but actually pity them and believe these people need to be fundamentally changed to see things the way they do.

They began shaming people for not having similar thoughts and making sure that everyone knew if someone was different, to the point where people were being publicly called out for coming off this ideological plantation they’ve made for themselves.

President Obama won the Presidency because he was a great candidate, but despite his policies not working out for the country, Hillary Clinton ran on essentially the same platform because liberals had successfully labeled any criticism of Obama as “racist”.

This same line of thinking has been extended now to include criticism of Hillary Clinton being labeled as “sexist”, as noted in one memorable example where a reporter asked Bernie Sanders whether he believed that his staying in the race against Clinton was a sexist gesture.

On November 8th, the American people went into the ballot booth and unilaterally rejected this line of thinking. As it turns out, you can’t just insult and vilify half the country for disagreeing with you and expect to succeed. But after being defeated soundly by Americans who were tired of being lectured on “correct” things to think, did the liberals change their behavior?

Of course not. Instead, they doubled down on their strategy of patronizingly telling people what to do. Right after the election social media feeds were flooded with articles and posts that commanded their Trump-supporting friends to formally denounce Donald Trump’s past behavior or that they must contact their gay/Muslim/Hispanic friends and console them.

It was apparent that these people had learned nothing, and they seem committed to always believing they’re right instead of even attempting to hear any reasoning from the other side. Shockingly, it has still never occurred to any of these people that people generally don’t like to be told what they must do by people who think they’re better than they are.

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  • David

    The snowflakes, like the hippies of the 60’s, have no idealism that’s worth anything, but they are too stupid and smug to know it. And they are being manipulated by very intelligent leadership of the leftists. Why are the leftists pushing so aggressively now?

    Because if Trump is allowed to take office peacefully and implement his lawful sworn duty to ensure the laws are faithfully executed, many illegal residents will be leaving the cities and the chaos and randomness and fog there will dissipate. The vote stuffing operation will be wrecked. And the Dems won’t be left with enough votes to have any hope of beating Trump’s Republicans for several election cycles.

    So they are in a fight for survival of their “progressive” movement. Trump is on the verge of defeating them, and they must tear the country apart to have anything left.

    • Samerica

      I hope your right and he can and will defeat these leftist for good and the
      country will be great again and maybe just maybe those who were dumb
      enough or brainwashed to believe in all that propaganda and lies from
      the demoncrap party will realize FREEDOM is better than FREEDUMB!
      Being controlled by big govt who promises you free stuff is being dumb.

      • TimoMIA

        Ditto to you my friend.

    • TimoMIA

      To lump all “illegal immigrants” together as people who cause “chaos and randomness?? and fog?????” and it will be beautiful after is ignorant and an incorrect stereotype. Many of these individuals came for work, illegally but all sanctioned by the US government and the large corporations that use this cheap source of labor. This has gone on way before Obama.

      • David

        Having law-free zones, sanctuary areas, does cause chaos, randomness and fog. As to how it will be after, let’s find out. We can certainly get illegals back later if we decide this is a good “system”. Or you can change the presidential oath to take out the part about enforcing the laws. Finally we’ve got one coming in who will take the oath seriously.

        • TimoMIA

          Ay, por favor. Señor Trump ya ha demostrado su capacidad por ser alguien honesto y generoso de espíritu.

          I really am looking for common ground David, but so far we see the same things and draw opposite conclusions. I hope we all can get pat this since we’re all Americans and want”liberty and justice for all”.

          • David

            Well, for all American citizens first. You sound stupid reciting Americanisms back at me. I’m not looking for common ground, been there, done that.

          • TimoMIA

            Well, so much for compromise and dialogue. As for calling me stupid I am no form more educated, miss philanthropic, and more concerned for all of our citizens than you couldn’t even imagine being. Just s guess.

  • Samerica

    Just like 60 minutes tried to use more propaganda about Trump supporters being
    violent and racist when it’s the protesters of Hellary and Sanders and BO and
    the far left wing demoncrap party who are out destroying property and committing
    violence and harm to others but 60 minutes never told that part of the story!
    Trump should have walked out on the interview! The rest of the media are still
    pushing the same lies and propaganda and refusing to except that most states
    and most americans voted for Trump! HE IS THE PRESIDENT! the far left agenda
    years and the rest of us had to suffer and now it’s time for real CHANGE! the media
    and protesters just show what a bunch of weak dumb lying cry babies they are!
    So all of them can leave with the hollyweirdos and poop stars and illegals! goodbye!

    • TimoMIA

      Losing the popular vote is hardly a mandate for the Trump agenda which seems to consist of isolation in the league of nations, going back on deals already made, lower taxes for the rich (while promising a big jobs program to repair infrastructure, increase military spending which will worsen the already staggering debt inherited by Pres. Obama-don’t forget Bush inherited a budget surplus before increasing spending at historical amounts then leaving office with the economy on the verge of collapse, which by almost all non-partisan measures is much healthier now) and a VP that makes decisions based on Christian beliefs (so much for separation of church and state), building a big, big wall on the US/Mexican border, and generally being a loose cannon who has thin skin and is a big bully (tweeting presidential feuds with citizens???)
      Anyway, the left leaning agenda is far from dead and Trump’s election will mobilize this group in a very real way that in retrospect, this election will be viewed as “white men’s last stand”

  • Roberto Fiad

    “The full saying is: ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’. John Heywood, 1546″ 1

    ” ‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’ ” Jeremiah 5:21 2

    1, 2 There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See. (2016). Actualfreedom.com.au. Retrieved 1 December 2016, from http://www.actualfreedom.com.au/richard/abditorium/nonesoblind.htm