Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. Liberal meltdowns commence. Young and old liberals took it to social media to express their disdain against Donald Trump.

Now that America has decided who our next President is, right on schedule, the liberals freak out. In our findings we noticed there is a lot of misinformation.

A common trend is the belief that Donald Trump is going to become a tyrant leader of sorts.. this is America. We have laws and regulations, these types of things cannot happen.

REGATED made a call for the best freak outs on social media, and here are the results!

10. Bernie-bro’s last word.10

9. Take the day off tomorrow. Nah, actually take the week off to reflect on America not favoring your opinions. 

98. Give me attention! I’m scared!


7. Mommy, i’m scared.


6. Trump is literally a nazi .. right guys?


5. Thanks a lot third-party voters. You didn’t vote for my candidate!


4. Florida.. didn’t you know it was her turn??


3. Uhh ok.


2. You didn’t vote for the Queen, explain to everyone why they don’t matter to you.. now!


1. Your skin color is white, you don’t deserve to vote.


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I'm Victor - Co-Founder of REGATED. I'll be uncovering the truth behind the corrupt and greedy political system we've been dealt.
  • AHH!!!

    Lol.. What a confused, insane,alleged humans.. Thanks to the lib education system..lol.. Hey it’s Christmas where I live. Fuck you and the horses ases who identify as human beings..lol

  • Alicia M Liverance

    Wtf ??? It’s terrible these people believe what their actually saying. These people are victims of MSM bullshit and lies told to them and don’t even realize it!!

    • fiosfiend

      It’s no wonder they feel this way. The media has brainwashed so many people into believing that if you vote for a Republican you must be racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc.

      • Alicia M Liverance

        agreed,the media should be ashamed of theirselves. They have told so many lies about Trump and created so much hate against him and for what? Its sad that there are people out there that allow their minds to be tainted with hate for the same man we all grew to love and see that he is not anything like what they tried to make him out to be. God bless President Trump! Your’re in great hands America!

  • Evelyn Becerra

    these nihilists, pseudo-socialists, liberals in primal instincts and their celebrities= irrelevant opinions

  • Leah Lax

    What you said to me when Obama won DEAL WITH IT… You are Illegal then leave my country. Citizens have the key to this country not you. You had your fun and now it’s time to take back our country. 1st thing if I was President I would start removing the Palestinians. They claim not to be Americans Go back to your country and burn that down. 2nd the Syrian and the Somalians You volunteer for ISIS I dont care what you say .. if you dont leave willingly I would drop you right on the black rock in Mecca and complete your pilgrimage, the one way ticket. Let Saudi handle their own Muslims.

    • Samerica

      In Europe and other countries where these illegals and Muslims have taken
      over neighborhoods the cops refuse to even patrol those areas! Its a war
      zone. it’s not even part of the country anymore! Look at New Jersey the
      same thing is happening i’m sure in other parts especially liberal California!
      Last i visited my old neighborhood in Orange County it look like little mexico!
      It was a vibrant clean safe area when i lived there in 90’s. I was shocked.
      my friend asked me How did you live here? i said it wasn’t like this back then!

  • Kerry Weston

    Anybody that voted for Hillary Clinton, voted to put a CRIMINAL in the white house. If these people don’t care about that, I don’t care about them. Good bye, start packing. We won’t miss you.

  • Bora Bosna

    These tweets are so racist, and the lack of self awareness is astounding. There are no words to describe it.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    what abysmally sorry excuses.

    in other news, safe spaces everywhere are declaringing NO VACANCY.

  • bc

    What we have here folks is a generation of brain-dead wussies that think they are entitled to whatever they desire without getting off their lazy asses. They are probably afraid of their own shadows and if hard times strike us they will probably just kill themselves rather than to scrap for their own existence. It will be a good riddance for the rest of us.

  • Samerica

    That picture shows the left are nothing buy big cry babies and expect the world to
    be this fake fantasy camp the left promise them they can do say think want need
    anything and everything and it should be handed to them and they should have no
    problems in life and always be happy! BRAINWASHED LITTLE DOPES! when the
    protesters were asked why they were protesting many had NO ANSWER many just
    said F Trump and America and ran off and none wanted to be on camera! little cry
    baby p*ss**s! this is what is wrong with America and don’t just blame the bias media
    and left wing teachers and demoncrap party blame THEIR PARENTS too! Real
    WORKING Americans have had enough of this left wing agenda and party is over!
    Now all you little lazy college dopes and life long welfare foodstampers and others
    who live off the hard working taxpayer GO GET A REAL JOB AND WORK! amen.

  • Jon

    Mindless, brain-dead, robotic zombies who follow the people with the “most likes”.

  • Pasifika

    #8 is hilarious, does the poster mean there are white people identifying as “black”?

  • Scipio

    Wring out your panties, pull your pants up and act like men and women, not these sniveling wretches.

  • Joe blow

    A lot of them calling themselves “white”, are actually over-priviliged leftist jews.