Kanye West isn’t easy to manipulate. While his friends got paid to work for Hillary Clinton, he had other things in mind.

Kanye West is known to speak for himself and not let people change who he is. He compares himself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and of course God. It’s obvious a lot of this is for publicity and talk, but the whole Trump fiasco isn’t on that same track.

Months ago a story came out that Kim Kardashian was planning on voting for Donald Trump. This came after she had a long phone call with her mother Caitlyn Jenner, an open Trump supporter.

If you tie two and two together, it’s very likely Kardashian talked to Yeezy about it. This election has proven that the black vote isn’t in the hands of the Democrats anymore. No longer will they be used for a vote and forgotten about.

Kanye West Is Leading A New Rap Movement

Kanye West is leading the Republican movement within the rap world. He’s not alone in this either. P.Diddy, 50 Cent, Ice Cube and several others have spoken highly of the President-elect.

Donald Trump isn’t your typical gun-slinging Republican either, he lives the rapper life. He has a gold apartment, model as a wife and gets around in a helicopter.


He made some crappy comments here and there.. but since when did people associated with rap music care about how they talk about women?

A lot was for campaigning to garner free attention from the media, but the appeal of Donald Trump is skyrocketing within the rap community.

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  • Samerica

    Oh please! not on this website! don’t call Bruce who is a man and her DAD and not
    a real woman or her MOM! it’s phony! just like him and the sick perverted leftist
    transgender garbage. it’s like all the leftist agenda it’s all phony made up fantasy!
    and who cares if a bunch of no talent talking not singing rappers said they voted
    Trump! if they said it was publicity only and to keep their money and not having
    to feel guilty they do nothing to help the black community! all of them hippocrites!

  • TheAmazingT

    Terrible and useless article. All the artists mentioned did not openly support Trump. Years ago you had indeed artists with sympathy for the Republicans.nothing new.

  • David Greene

    wait….did you guys really delete my comment lol wow. this article is embarrassing and proves this site is only clickbait…..you really think this helps trump? sites like this are an anchor to getting people over to the right…Kanye as a supporter? The guy had a meltdown and is now in rehab…and most likely has mental illness (sadly). and we are going to prop him up as a good thing. i mean come on guys. We all rip into MSL and then the right is littered with this kind of hacky shit. (as i mentioned in the post you deleted, i mentioned i looked around the site and couldn’t help but notice the sophomoric undertones and name calling your “authors” take in the writing and twitter posts. step your game up kids,