Where is Julian Assange? The WikiLeaks editor has not been seen via the Ecuadorian embassy window where he resides or made a verifiable live public appearance since October 3, 2016.

Since then, many events have transpired which call into question the legitimacy of WikiLeaks itself. No messages from Assange or WikiLeaks have been signed with a “PGP” – or “Pretty-Good-Privacy” – signature for some time. PGP signatures, used heavily by WikiLeaks in the past, are essentially a unique key generated to an individual or organization, able to verify identities through digital communications.

It’s a simple and effective way to show proof of identity and proof of well-being, yet time and time again WikiLeaks has refused the call from the public for Assange to sign something – anything – with a PGP signature.


August 22

Attempted break-in at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange resides. At 2:47a.m., an unidentified man scaled the wall and window to the embassy and fled after being physically confronted by security. Ecuadorian police took over two hours to respond to the situation despite their station being only minutes away.


Throughout the month, attempts to character assassinate Assange as a pedophile and Russian spy were made. The attempts were unsuccessful with WikiLeaks fighting against the claims, eventually releasing a background of the character assassination in October and documents proving a blackmail attempt on Assange.

October 3

WikiLeaks on Twitter posts a tweet attributing Assange, saying he hopes to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks. As of November 23, WikiLeaks has not published any leaks going on weeks.


October 15

In the morning, WikiLeaks releases Hillary Clinton’s paid Goldman Sach speeches. Afternoon, Pamela Anderson visits Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Note the final line of the article: “She then joked: ‘He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food'”. A very odd choice of words considering everything that transpired in the days after.

Notably, this day is the final tweet from “@EmbassyCat” with Julian Assange’s internet access being severed at 5p.m. GMT.

October 16

John Kerry, Secretary of State, lands in London. Between  11:00-11:30p.m., WikiLeaks releases 3 pre-commitments.

  1. John Kerry
  2. Ecuador 
  3. UK FCO

Wikipedia explains a pre-commitment as “a strategy in which a party to a conflict uses a commitment device to strengthen its position by cutting off some of its options to make its threats more credible… Precommitment improves the credibility of a threat, either by imposing significant penalties on the threatening party for not following through, or, by making it impossible to not respond.”

As to the context of these WikiLeaks pre-commitments, we can only speculate. However, it’s safe to say that the situation involved U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry and Ecuador, where Assange was granted political asylum.

October 17

WikiLeaks announces Assange’s Internet was cut and that they have “activated the appropriate contingency plans.” @danrolle tweets: “I’ve spoken with 14 other @wikileaks task force members who have also experienced internet/phone outage.”

October 18

WikiLeaks tweets:


Ecuador admits to “restricting” Assange’s communications over the U.S. election.

October 21

A massive DDoS attack makes major Internet platforms and services unavailable to large parts of North America and Europe. It is the largest DDoS attack on record.

October 22

“A bloody year for WikiLeaks”


WikiLeaks reflects that three of their staff have died in 2016 – in such a short period of time at that.

October 23

WikiLeaks runs a poll on their Twitter concerning showing proof of life for Assange. The “video” option of the poll wins. Still, as of November 23, there have been no videos of Assange released. It really is as simple as recording a selfie holding up a currently-dated newspaper but nothing has come.

October 24

Statement released from Wikileaks on the status of Julian Assange, Ecuador and the U.S. election. Notably, there is no PGP signature included in the statement.

October 27

After being announced on CISL’s – a technology convention in Argentina – schedule as a speaker, Julian Assange phones into the convention and on October 27, WikileaksTaskForce tweets, reconfirming the validity of the appearance:


However, just like any of Assange’s other public “appearances” since his Internet was cut, website users have pointed out that the audio of his phone call is seemingly spliced together and Assange says nothing relevant to prove that this is current, new audio and ultimately fails as proof of life.

October 30

Wikileaks tweets:


However, WikiLeaks has been scarce on leaks through November, releasing only the second batch of leaked DNC e-mails.

November 5

John Pilger releases his interview with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. Pilger has asserted the validity of the interview, saying it “took place inside the embassy on Oct 30”. However, both parties are not filmed together through the entire interview and – again – website users have made claims that Assange’s audio is spliced and edited and that no relevant information was referenced to prove that this was a new interview. Snopes even delved into the matter, asserting that 2 different online articles used the interview with Assange and Amy Goodman, quoted it and added fabricated dialogue. Snopes states that the interview itself was done by Pilger in August/September.

Again, this interview also does not provide adequate proof of life for Assange, either.

November 13

Pamela Anderson, again, visits the Ecuadorian Embassy to see Assange. Though the article, penned by Anderson herself, is littered with pictures – none are recent or show Assange during her visit.

November 14

WikiLeaks releases insurance files and the SHA-256 hashes do not match up with previous files tweeted in October. The hashes, used for identification when files were altered or changed, have little reason to change.

In the window of the Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange’s cat appears wearing a shirt collar and candy-striped tie.

November 15

“I was not in the room [with Assange] myself”, tells Jennifer Robinson – Assange’s own lawyer.

November 16

Wikileaks addresses the hashes not matching and again purports of Assange’s well-being, stating Julian “appreciates the concern.”

The most telling aspect of this entire situation is WikiLeak’s refusal to do something so simple. Showing proof of life is not a tedious, drawn-out procedure mired with complexities.

It’s as simple as having Assange sign off on a message with a PGP signature, it’s a simple as snapping a picture of him holding up a currently-dated newspaper. WikiLeaks has countless options to show proof of life but so far have shown nothing.

UPDATE – 11/28/2016: Julian Assange gave a live phone-in interview to FCM16, Beirut on November 26 which can be listened to in full here. Notably, he referenced the death of Fidel Castro – meaning the interview was fresh and new, not old. However, with the interview being audio-only with no video of Assange, it’s hard to accept as 100% definitive proof of life. This interview is certainly more than we had before and it looks like Assange is – at the least – physically fine if he’s able to give phone interviews.

The question still lingers as to why he hasn’t signed anything with PGP – the only way to put this entire messy debacle to rest.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • Meaux Hathaway

    so….IS Julian Assange alive and well? I want proof. Now that the question has been raised I trust no one….let’s see him alive and well. I WANT PROOF.

  • Samerica

    I hated this guy when he first came out hacking emails and other secret documents
    but now I see him as a HERO that took down Hellary’s mob machine and BO’s
    legacy with Trump being elected! He helped open up the eyes and minds of many
    who were brainwashed and blinded by the bias lying media and others who are
    just push a far left agenda many because they profit by it and be damned America
    and hard working tax payers who foot the bill for their failed agenda! how come
    the FBI and other law enforcement couldn’t do what he did? if they could and would
    have and republicans did their part there would have been no need for him! All
    politicians and govt depts and media are to blame! the people have been now
    seen that the Govt and these far left groups are destroying the country and
    Trump was the only one who could have beaten Hellary! Let’s hope his words
    meant something and he isn’t going to back down to the thugs from the left!

    • Alejandro Jesús Guapo

      dont bring your partisan BS to this – you didn’t like him when he shone a light on Bush’s indiscretions but now you feel he’s worthy of your approval since he helped in uncovering HRC’s corruption? you’re the problem

      • Brawndo_ItsWhatPlantsCRAVE

        People learn from different things – if they came to recognize his importance later than the rest – it is all part of this “side” of the spectrum. People of different ages, learn new things and eventually change their mind. It is all part of learning. People need to unite, not put up imaginary boundaries just b/c they were ignorant to the truth before. At some point – we all were.

        We dont need to push the same BS hate we see from the opposition – just b/c someone learns about things at a different rate. As long as they eventually wake/grow up from the naivety, it is simply part of the process.

        • Alejandro Jesús Guapo

          eloquently put – thanks

    • syzygydeb

      Yes, and the other problem is division. I’m definitely “left” but bet we have much in common. Desire for truth, free press, courageous heroes like Assange, etc., Don’t let ppl divide us into groups so they can stir the pot and make us hate each other. It’s a class war, it’s always been a class war.

  • asclepiuskay

    This is concerning….

  • KidKoon

    What a world we live in, where the heroes are traitors and criminals and mindless zombie-puppets are given their countries highest honour. Future generations will be amused, if they ever learn the truth.

    • syzygydeb

      No doubt why history is re-written.

  • Moz Bourne

    Wikileaks has been compromised. They too, are now part of the problem. #ProofOfLife

    • Marta J

      They can’t give proof if he isn’t at the embassy anymore and is gone. Maybe good, maybe bad. No one knows at this point and can’t do, or say more, for good reason. It won’t help to pressure them. For now, it is better to say #FreeAssange

  • incog99

    So much for due process. Obviously, if Assange is harmed, then we have chaos. The rule of law is meaningless.

    • Brawndo_ItsWhatPlantsCRAVE

      It HAS been meaningless. We need to make it useful and relevant again – the citizens have exposed a ton… and we should be inspired to work harder if anything has happened to him. The world revolution will continue – but we should be working harder than ever to make things more and more difficult for these horrible people who think they are above the laws of the land.

  • George Silversurfer

    If he was assassinated.. Pamela, wittinglly or not, was the instrument.

    • Smittoonable .

      She probably poisoned him with the food she took , I vaguely remember him saying he felt unwell after eating some of it

      • George Silversurfer

        could be..it was vegan food after all.

  • Christine Glass

    I hope he is OK. He is my hero. He needs an award for the work he did to bring to light the corruption of the DNC and Hillary Clinton. This was the best part of the election process and saved our country from the evil Clintons and their cartel.

    • Brawndo_ItsWhatPlantsCRAVE

      Then be inspired by his work. Allow it to influence the many, to continue his progress and expose these horrible criminals for the P’s of S they are.

  • Adm Tech

    There’s no reasonable excuse at this point – Julian could appear in the window for 3 minutes and this would be enough. The fact that he hasn’t since October 3rd points to the fact that Wikileaks is compromised. I think there were more damning podesta emails for release 37 and onward which would have included the same Hillary and Bill children stuff unveiled on Wiener’s laptop which the FBI has covered up. I suspect the encrypted torrent with the incorrect hash was Assange’s Hail Mary…Assange may be in rendition at Smithfield AirBase in North Carolina: http://www.anonews.co/assange-guantanamo-express/

    • phone2000

      agree–he should have dropped all the pedophile info at once to unburden himself….instead he said he had it and would drop it soon…that gave them time to attack….I think they will get busted anyway but just goes to show u how crooked they are…they will probably go to hell when they die

      • Smittoonable .

        no probably , they will

      • Marta J

        I think he was dropping them like he did to give people time to assimilate the particular information contained in the drop before dropping the next “bomb”. It would help defeat the evil Hillary better that way. Steve Pieczenik said as much in his video, that Julian had been helping them to keep Hillary out of the White House because they couldn’t allow her corruption in it. Perhaps the video in Adm Techs’ comment (above here) has some truth about those “friends” that helped him out of the country. I love that thought much more than the alternative thoughts.

    • syzygydeb

      The hacked info from Staford had a conversation as to getting Assange and taking him off US soil. Evidently, what the US does is give them to other countries to have them tortured and killed. And .. for instance, Guantanamo is off US soil.

  • Worried

    Julian Assange, I respect the work you have done. . . I hope you are just hiding somewhere else. . . . .

  • Nicole Strally

    Assange is a hero but u can’t expose the NWO Elites without paying a heavy price…I fear that price may be his life. Still no proof days later as interview that came out today (11/25) was audio only that didn’t sound like him. Will keep praying!

  • Jim McGuire

    My guess is the Clinton cartel took him out and threatened his hosts.

    • Namma

      It wouldn’t be the first time it happened either. Simply research how many died during the first time that couple appeared politically.

  • Brawndo_ItsWhatPlantsCRAVE

    We need to just bombard them, and the reference they provide – with demands to SEE him. It is not difficult, as stated. There is something odd, and nothing has really been mentioned since he had that rape scandal stuff.

    Anyone know if he was transported? Is it possible he could still be in the hands of authorities – if he was taken somewhere for trial?

    The latest audio of Assange, talks about Castro as “proof” but it has been talked about all week that he was expected to die soon. So that could easily be taken and spliced – especially with the HORRIBLE amount of reverb and other noise in the audio. It also sounds like he has a MAJOR cold or something – beyond the crazy amounts of audible noise in the recording. It still dont prove anything other than they are hiding something.

    People – we need to mass-demand the proof of his being alive and well. Things do not add up, and its not like he can just wander off to places he could not be contacted. I highly doubt that he could bribe his way out of the confines, and it is just too strange to not show a damn picture or something to actually prove he is alive.

    It looks more like Wikileaks has been infiltrated and compromised by the US leadership who has been calling for his head. No Assange – no talk of peace. The people will simply push harder into the PIzzagate, and other scandals to take over, and possibly gain some new exploited material of our own.

  • Arthur E.D. Dorrough

    I’m starting to get a little angry.

  • syzygydeb

    Having problems sharing the following. copy paste to browser I guess. I did get it to paste to fb?

    Here are all the comments from the Wikileaks poster on 8chan confirming our worst fears. SPREAD THIS

  • Namma

    One only needs to remember that the technology now exists fake someone’s voice from previous recordings AND add words that were not there in the first place.

    Adobe is working on an audio app that lets you add words someone never said
    Nov 3, 2016, 6:30pm EDT

    Since the government(s) helps itself to ANY new technology I say that an audio recording is highly suspect and that Assange may indeed be in trouble if not dispensed with already.

  • El_Capitan

    It’s easy to verify if Julian Assange is alive without being shot. He would just need a mirror angled so he appears in the mirror, but safely out of the window’s trajectory. People can then see him in the mirror’s reflection. He could even hold up a newspaper with the current date. Pretty easy if you ask me.

  • Mercenary X

    I pray for Julian Assange that he is alive and well, but given what I heard and saw of pictures of security vans leaving the area of the Ecuador embassy. Yeah, they nabbed him, and right now he’s either dead, being brainwashed, or worse, and in that order, I want video evidence, but at this point I fear what is going to happen, what it will take to get things back in the right and I fear God has to get involved.

  • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

    Unless and until we see proof of life, we can only conclude that Assange has been assassinated, and shares the suspicious death of many that make up the Clinton Body Count.

    Where is Julian Assange?

    And, if he has been killed, who ordered his execution?

    And, if they ordered the execution, will they ever have to face justice?

    These questions need to be asked NOW, AGAIN AND AGAIN, until we get proof of life, or hold his killers accountable.

  • t’graph

    The scary thing is that its now 3 months later and still no one in the media is talking about Assange’s disappearance. Sure, he appeared on Hannity, but Anonymous has _proved_ it was faked: https://steemit.com/nwo/@assange/update-jan-13-2017-was-the-hannity-interview-a-fake

    Assange is one of the greats of our time. (He’s changed our world.) Yet no one is talking about his disappearance. Why not?