Google Search Frequency For ‘Is Hillary Evil’ Skyrockets After Spirit Cooking Scandal.

A recent batch of leaked Podesta emails have revealed that John Podesta has a questionable inner circle. Additionally, the content of said emails has led to a very popular question; is Hillary evil?  Not only has there been a surge in ‘is Hillary evil’ searches, but people are also searching to see if Hillary is a witch. To make matters worse, people are beginning to question if Hillary Clinton could be the devil herself.

is hillary evil

Furthermore, voters associating your candidate with evil imagery isn’t exactly a campaign manager’s wet dream. Also, the fact that Hillary’s campaign chairman is on a first name basis with folks who engage in spirit cooking (black magic) reflects rather poorly on Hillary as well. You know what they always say, if you hang out with people who paint with a mixture of blood, breast milk and semen on the walls, you’re going to raise a few eyebrows.

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Ethan Pepper

With over 5 years experience in content management, internet marketing, social media and search engine optimization - Ethan Pepper has decided to utilize his technical abilities to help fight Globalism.
  • Connie

    Hillary is EVIL INCARNATE!!!! She has no morals and no value system. She has LIED so consistently that she no longer knows nor recognizes the TRUTH!!!!! She most definitely CANNOT be TRUSTED to Hold the Most POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD! HILLARY IS SATAN!!!!!

    • Martha Youngblood Handley

      I believe that!

  • Sean

    #SpiritCooking #Pizzagate #HillaryIsEvil

  • Mike Pandora Wan

    Very Strange, VERY troubling!!! You can’t make this stuff up!!! Please Jesus help America!!!!!

  • Mileslong44

    the problem is not Hillary; there are tons of evil, Christian hating people in this country. The problem is the millions of americans who don’t care and will vote her in as the leader of the free world. This evil movement from within has indoctrinated millions of young people and unfortunately it will take lots of blood shed to turn it around. i will continue to pray for our country and leaders but will take up arms if there is no other way. Live free or die.

    • politically incorrect

      If Hillary wins,I’m telling people that I’m Canadian

      • Doc

        Nazis excelled in lying. So, you are on target.

  • TRAV1S

    The Clinton Foundation funds #SpiritCooking. Lady Gaga who sang at Hillary’s rally practices #SpiritCooking. And Lady Gaga dressed up as pedophile Michael Jackson at the rally. What is Hillary’s message, go figure?

  • Samerica

    Mileslong’s comment is right on target. I also heard some middle age people i know
    saying they voted for the she devil cause ‘they don’t like Trump’ !!! that is the reason
    they gave! I had to bite my tongue not to lash out at them but i asked what is there
    to like about Hellary? she’s corrupt and a liar and a thief! they had no answer just
    stood there with mouth open looking like the dopes they are! Just not informed and
    brainwashed by media and networks with their lies and propaganda! God help us!

    • Connie

      I’m a Baby Boomer. Just past middle age. I don’t know any Baby Boomers who are Voting for Hillary. BTW Most of the Baby Boomers I know are College Educated.

  • Ken

    Indict Hillary, she’s earned it.