A restaurant in Iowa City’s University Heights neighborhood charged Trump supporters five extra bucks to dine this past weekend.

The restaurant openly advocated for “discrimination” against Trump supporters because Trump’s fans somehow legalized discrimination after Trump swept polls and defeated Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8th.

CBS2Iowa interviewed a local man named Eric Stelter who visited the resturant named ‘Stella’ to enjoy the second half of a Hawkeye game:

“As we got closer to the door, we noticed there was a sign on the door that said, ‘Yes, this is discrimination, but you voted for it,’” he says.

All patrons endured a political litmus test at the door administered by a not-at-all-fascist Stella employee. The restaurant charged $10 per Trump supporter because “discrimination” and only $5 per Clinton supporter.

Eric and his wife went home rather than eat at a restaurant that publicly insults patrons and imposes a diversity tax.

Stella discriminated on ideology unlike ‘ladies nights’ or ‘kids eat free’ deals.

The restaurant sits within Johnson County which favored Hillary Clinton 66% to Donald Trump’s 27.8%. There are 99 counties in Iowa and only 6 went blue. Overall Iowa supported Trump 51.8% to Hillary’s 42.2%.

The restaurant owners did not respond to calls from CBS’s local Iowa branch. Readers can express their feelings on the restaurant’s official Facebook Page or Twitter.

Some already have:

Stella’s restaurant site lists Short’s Burger and Shine as a sister restaurant, which is located at 18 S Clinton St. The Co-Owners of Stella are brothers Derek and Kevin Perez, who reportedly manage multiple restaurants in Iowa City.

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  • J Chesney

    I hope they are out of business within six months. ANYONE that continues to dine with fascists, deserves to go down with the ship.

  • ivca56

    i would think there are many other places to eat in that city?

  • Leah Lax

    They should be sued.Class action.

    • Alfredo

      No, they should not be sued, as they are a privately owned business and really have the right to do whatever they want (to a point). Though, as a business owner myself, I think that what they did is completely moronic and they will undoubtedly experience a financial hit from it. Their Facebook page seems to already be down, probably because it got overwhelmed. What people who disagree with what they did SHOULD do is not eat there. That gets the point across quite fast.

    • Graham Kloek

      Are you kidding? We should encourage more like-minded people to follow their example of voluntarily running themselves out of business X)

  • Kerry Weston

    Yes, we’re going to “express” our feelings on social media and this restaurant will find themselves OUT OF BUSINESS.

  • Ben Wilson

    Actually, I believe that they should have the right to charge whatever they want. No-one is being defrauded. The market will decide whether it is acceptable. I expect that enough people will find it distasteful and take their business elsewhere that they will shape up pretty fast. If we want to live in a free country, we have to allow people the freedom to conduct business as they choose with whom they choose, and stop resorting to government force to coerce people into doing that which they do not want to do.

    • Windygirl

      It’s discrimination, pure and simple.

      • Ben Wilson

        Of course it is, but they own the restaurant. Their business will dry up and they will be forced to either stop being so petty or see their profits tank. Government intervention and lawsuits are unnecessary.

        • Samerica

          No somebody should sue them and make them have to pay
          court cost to fight the lawsuit to put them out of business
          just like the leftist did to those who refuse to serve those
          sick perverted gays who wanted a wedding cake! If they
          couldn’t refuse then these aholes shouldn’t be allowed either!
          but the leftist don’t obey rules and laws as long as they feel
          it’s not right because most of the time it’s left and wrong!

          • Alfredo

            Ben I totally agree with you, but Samerica, I disagree with what you’re saying. I am gay and completely disagreed with the bakery being sued. I am a firm believer in free speech. If a business owner is idiotic enough to do what the bakery did or what this restaurant did, OUR free speech is to take our business elsewhere. THAT is punishment enough. I understand you’re angry and what this restaurant did also ticks me off, but this country is filled to the brim with stupid lawsuits from people wanting to get even. Enough is enough already. If we all take our money elsewhere, that will do it.

  • Roseann

    When I had restaurants I didnt let anyone put a sign up on my property or inside the establishment I think a business should stay out of politics.. This place will lose money for sure.

  • JamesMacArthur

    “Iowa Diner Charges Trump Supporters “Vote Tax” At Door”
    –THE GOOD NEWS: that tax is probably a LOT SMALLER than all the massive taxes Hillary would have stuck us with !!!!


  • Windygirl

    How long before this restaurant realizes that the people most likely to be able to keep them in business ARE Republicans? lol Well, not for long, they’ll vote with their feet.

    Rebels Without a Clue!

  • JoeinCo386

    lol, their Facebook page is inactive.

    BTW, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled “ladies nights” illegal and discriminatory in 1989.

    • Samerica

      boycott facebook! they are banning all those who dont’ follow their sick
      leftist agenda! just like the nazis did! yeah that’s real liberal and what
      they call freedom! left facebook go bankrupt! get off of facebook now!

  • Samerica

    boycott this moron’s business and all those who push their leftist sick agenda on the
    rest of us like Facebook is doing now banning all those who are not going to shut up
    and obey the leftist dicktators and be robots like the brainwashed leftist who are
    not for freedom just freedumb because you can’t be free just dumb to let the leftist
    run your life telling you who to vote for what to eat drink think drive etc…Trump them!

  • Bigbone

    Owner’s are Kevin Perez and Lisa Perez. Also co-own Short’s Burger and Shine in downtown Iowa City. In case you were wondering.