Being almost Tuesday, environmentalists have tried to make a case for Hillary Clinton for being the only option for protecting Earth from a supposed cataclysmic climate event that has been caused by humans.

However, with the recent revelations about the Clinton campaign, provided to the general public by WikiLeaks, the former Secretary of State’s views on climate change don’t appear to what they seem.

In fact, via the data dumps in the hacking of Clinton campaign boss John Podesta, it’s evidently clear that the presumptive president is a two faced climate alarmist who has sought to make political gains off the bogus agendas of climate change science.

Clinton merely views the application of current environmental regulations and the regime in place to “fight” climate change as a platform to limit growth and kill jobs. Understandably, this is not a surprisingly revelation, to say the least; however, a Clinton presidency would bring forth Orwellian environmental law that will limit the existence of a free and market driven society.

Nevertheless, Clinton seeks to utilize the prowess of the Environmental Protection Agency in the role of a policy-making mechanism, which is an outright unconstitutional overreach of the executive branch. This is something the current administration has excelled at, I forgot to mention.

Sticking to my guns, I submit to you that Donald Trump will do more for the private and sound development of the most vital natural resources then Clinton will. Trump will revitalize the coal industry, focus on natural gas extraction and will advocate for domestic American fracking to compete on the international stage, as well.

We must face the facts and they all indicate the same thing: free markets will reign, more so under Trump and the environment will be used to it’s fullest potential.

Throughout, this entire election, Clinton’s pro-climate rhetoric presented falsehoods and was responsible for the miscommunication of real statistics and data on Earth. Campaign messaging specialists for Clinton even worked to exaggerate climate change data to fit their narrative.

Adding more to the fire, Clinton’s personal news service, ThinkProgress, continues to purport Clinton as the solution to out apparent demise. In doing so, they validate Clinton’s lies as fact to millions and send out an inquisition on all who don’t believe in manmade climate change.

Nearly every time, when a prominent opinion that has differed from the societal narrative on accepting an alleged climate death in less than a century arises, the climate alarmists spread like wild fire to stifle the dissenting voice. However, these people are moronically propping up a lying woman who has no business in dictating policy to play God on Earth.

Hillary Clinton, like many of her “causes” for a better America and world, has defrauded the American people in making them believe her lies and must be stopped at all costs. The only hope is the American people to make the right choice on Tuesday.

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Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady is a political journalist and part time muckraker based in Colorado. In addition, he a is political strategist and policy analyst working with some of the foremost conservative politicians in state and national politics. He focuses predominately on conservative solutions to public policy and the art of conservative electioneering. His work has been featured, republished, or cited in several publications across the nation including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, the New York Post, The Denver Post, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and policy publications for one America's leading free-market, libertarian think tanks.

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  • David

    Trump lives in the world of reality. If his buildings aren’t done right, they will fall down or have other problems. Hillary lives in the world of power, influence and spirit cooking.

  • deenie1219

    C’mon, we got to phase out coal, oil, methane, nuke power. We are polluting the planet and ourselves. We got the tech prowess to have a much cleaner and healthier environment. Big Oil is a dinosaur industry that is trying to keep the status quo. I am voting for Dr. Jill Stein.

    • Samerica

      deenie is a weenie brainless brianwashed twit. typical left wing nut. wasted
      vote for Hellary the corrupt lying anti american old witch she devil hag!

  • Samerica

    Tonite i was shocked to hear many people at work saying they were voting for
    Hellary the corrupt lying anti american pos hag because they can’t stand Trump!
    that was the only reason they said! makes no sense to me! at least he’s not that
    big fat butt diaper wearing she devil in pants suits with that crackling chicken voice!
    OMG! people sure must be just plain STUPID AND IGNORANT! not to see the
    difference in voting for that pig with lipstick and Trump a successful businessman!

  • Well, it’s Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016, and Hillary Clinton is now a has been, soon to be convicted felon. The American people have spoken loud and clear. President-elect Donald Trump will make America great again.